‘The Larkins’ fans baffled by season changes in one episode

The Larkins family
'The Larkins' fans spotted a seasonal mistake! (Image credit: ITV)

Eagle-eyed The Larkins fans were left puzzled at last night’s episode (Sunday 31 Oct.) as they spotted a major blunder when they saw the seasons change within one episode.

Last night’s episode saw Pop Larkin (Bradley Walsh) hear the troubling news that the railway station is closing. A determined Pop seizes the opportunity to save the train station and teams up with Miss Chand with the idea of an educational train ride for the students. 

Meanwhile, Charley is conflicted over whether to return to his job in Catford or stay in the idyllic Kent countryside.

Viewers noticed the mistake when Charley Charlton (Tok Stephen) and Mariette Larkin (Sabrina Bartlett) went strawberry picking, which we all know is done during the summer season as that’s when strawberries come out. 

However, it seemed that we were then thrown into spring towards the end of the episode as we watched Mariette and Charley have a heart-to-heart with each other in a wood filled with bluebells.

Sabrina Bartlett as Mariette in The Larkins

Fans noticed a quick change in season in last night's 'The Larkins'.  (Image credit: ITV)

Unfortunately it didn’t go all too well for Charley, as when he tried to declare his feelings for Mariette, she interrupted him and wanted to focus on something else. But, things were made worse when he saw Tom Fisher (Stephen Hagan) kiss Mariette later on at the railway station, which Mariette rejected. Although, that didn’t stop a smug look on Tom’s face peering back at Charley as he looked on.

The Larkins watchers were quick to spot the error of the season change, with even actor Tony Gardner, who plays Alec in The Larkins, tweeting his amusement at the show’s mistake, saying, “Loved The Larkins tonight. My favourite bit was when they picked strawberries at (wait for it) the SAME TIME AS THE BLUEBELLS WERE OUT! Amazing stuff. Thank you! #thelarkins.”

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Viewers at home continued to tweet their bewilderment at the changing seasons throughout the episode…

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The Larkins airs Saturday 7th Nov. at 8pm on ITV- see our TV Guide for full listings.

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