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The newest American Pie movie slips onto Netflix amid strong reviews

American Pie: Girls' Rules
(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Those of us of a certain age can recall watching the original American Pie in theaters some 200 years ago. Since then there have been any number of forgettable sequels and spinoffs, with none managing the magic of the original.

But the latest iteration — American Pie: Girls' Rules — comes closest. 

From Todd Gilchrist's review:

After a whole lot of copycats and milquetoast imitators, including more than a few of the sequels between then and now, American Pie: Girls’ Rules proudly upholds the tradition established by the 1999 original film, and nudges it forward in meaningful, important ways. All of that probably sounds lofty for the ninth chapter in a series centered around teenagers trying to get laid, but if there’s one thing that American Pie has demonstrated over and over again, it’s that sex — for both men and women — is nothing if not surprising.

And perhaps as a testament to the surprise success, Girls' Rules has quickly graduated from an on-demand launch to availability on Netflix (opens in new tab). In addition to being free for Netflix subscribers, it also means a much wider availability than going what originally would have been known as "straight to video."

Girls' Rules is a bit of gender flip on the original, and a long-overdue one at that. 

How to watch American Pie: Girls' Rules

American Pie: Girls' Rules is available on-demand, but it also sneaked onto Netflix at the last minute. That's the good news.

The bad news is that you don't get the same content on Netflix from one country to the next. For that, you're going to need to use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network allows you to route all of your network traffic through a specific set of servers through a specific country. 

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