The newest free streaming service is now available to use on new TVs

The user interface of Freely
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Brand-new free TV streaming service Freely combines the live TV channels and video on demand libraries of the UK's major broadcasters, and you can finally use it... as long as you buy a compatible TV.

The first TVs to launch with Freely have finally been announced, with Hisensense's 2024 range of 4K TVs and also select models from Bush coming with Freely installed as the default TV-watching app.

In total, 12 Freely-compatible TVs are now available to buy. These range from the £229.99 Bush 43-inch UHD TiVo model to the chunky £2499 Hisense 85-inch 85E7NQTUK Pro, with plenty of options in between.

If you pick up a Freely TV, you'll find it as the default way to watch live TV, as you can stream from the various channels over the internet. According to Freely, 95% of the common UK TV channels are on Freely.

It'll also let you search for videos across all the UK broadcasters' streaming service: ITVX, iPlayer, My 5, Channel 4 and more, as they'll all be presented in one menu so you don't have to dive into the individual apps to find whatver you want to watch.

More Freely-compatible TVs will be announced through the year, with the brand already confirming that sets from Vestel will come with Freely installed soon, and more TVs through 2024 and beyond also having the platform.

Freely is considered a free streaming service because, well, it's a free way to stream videos using your TV. However it's not available to download for most people, and the only way to watch it is by buying a TV with it pre-installed.

It's probably not worth throwing away your current TV solely for the purposes of picking up a Freely one, but if you've been thinking it's time to buy a new set, there's no harm in looking at the Freely-enabled options.

But if you want to watch videos without paying and don't have a Freely set, you can check out our list of the best free streaming services for options with live TV channels, classic movies, new releases and more. 

For everything else you need to know about Freely, check out our guide here.

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