Is there a Sky TV free trial?

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It's always important to find ways to save money when you're signing up for streaming services, and that's doubly true for Sky TV, as it's one of the priciest subscription plans in the UK. But not without good reason.

Sky TV lets you pick from a range of packages, each one offering different channels and extras, but these can rapidly turn into a nasty surprise for your wallet. Want Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and the UHD Plan? That'll cost you.

That's why a Sky TV free trial could be valuable. So is there one?

Is there a Sky TV free trial?

Sky sometimes offers free trials on its basic Sky Entertainment & Netflix plan, saving you £26 for your first month. Great!

However, Sky only offers this trial now and then. So to find out if there's one running right now, check out the plan's landing page here. If not, you could wait, or just subscribe and pay for the first month.

How to save on Sky TV without a free trial

Save on Netflix with Sky TV

The barebones Sky TV package comes with Sky Signature and the Ultimate TV add-on. You may see it referred to as the Sky Ultimate TV package, Make It Your Own or Sky Q, Sky TV and Netflix

All of these names are offering you essentially the same thing — live TV and a rather extensive on-demand library of content. Not only are you getting over 100 channels you wouldn’t get on Freeview, but you’re also getting access to more than 500 box sets. 

Plus, you can begin streaming all Sky's films and TV shows even before your installation appointment, as your account will be integrated with the Sky Go app at no extra cost.

The best part of this package, however, is that you get Netflix for a cheaper price than you’d get it if you signed up for a separate subscription. 

The current price for a basic monthly Netflix subscription is £6.99, but with this bundle, you get the same subscription at a cheaper rate when you get a Sky TV subscription. How did we work this out? Sky told us themselves — well, via their website.

The basic Sky TV package is £26 a month. Broken down, this includes Sky Signature for £22 and the Ultimate TV Add-on — which is essentially Netflix — for an extra £4. Considering you’re getting access to thousands of on-demand episodes and hundreds of live TV channels, this is insanely good value for money.

If you’ve already got Netflix, you can save money by combining your subscriptions. When you sign up for Sky TV, you can watch everything directly through the Sky Q box — as well as with the Netflix app — so it's a no-brainer.

Save with Sky Sports

 Although there's no free trial for Sky Sports either, you can get a TV bundle combining all of your live and on-demand needs for one convenient cost per month.

In the UK, Sky TV is the home of top sporting events such as the Masters, Premier League, EFL, IPL, NBA and more. To live stream all your favorite sports — from cricket to football, basketball to golf — Sky Sports offers an extensive package which means you don’t have to pay for multiple subscriptions to get all the channels you need. Instead of flicking between Netflix, live TV and sports coverage on separate subscriptions, you can use the Sky TV hub to access dedicated channels including Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Racing, Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports NFL. 

You can get just the Sky Sports bundle for £46 a month or go for the add-on, which is currently set at £20 a month. You’ll access perks such as live football games across four different leagues including the Premier League, live F1 coverage, cricket and golf plus the opportunity to re-visit some of your favorite moments in sport.

What other bundles are there?

If you’re still deciding on what option is right for you, why not check out some of the other options?

The most popular packages are: the basic package we talked about above (Sky TV and Netflix), the sports bundle (Sky TV, Netflix & Sky Sports), the movie package (Sky TV, Netflix & Cinema) and the kids' TV package (Sky TV, Netflix & Kids)

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