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'The Witcher' shuts down production due to multiple positive COVID tests

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Witcher has become the most reason series in production that has had to halt work due to positive COVID tests. There's no word on how many "multiple" positive tests may include, but Deadline is reporting that those who have tested positively have already been isolated. None of the positive results currently include members of the main cast - at least this time. Earlier in the year, actor Kristofer Hivju contracted the virus. However, it's difficult to hold anyone responsible considering he contracted it at the beginning of the pandemic. 

That said, all this pause in production does is further the conversation as to whether or not we should be filming in these conditions at all. The show must go on, sure, but how many millions of dollars are being piped into COVID restrictions on film and television sets only for there to be outbreaks anyway. There had been hope that Robert Pattinson's positive test on the set of The Batman would do something to help that conversation get a little bit louder. It's regrettable that it takes a lead catching the virus when crew members continue to test positive, but it's the investors and producers that have to be swayed here. Still, months in, and multiple outbreaks on multiple sets, seem to have done nothing. 

In addition to isolating those who have tested positive on The Witcher set, production crews and cast members will be required to do an additional round of isolated testing. It's this (very reasonable) precaution that accounts for the prolonged stop in production. How long the pause will be is likely dependent on how many members of those involved in the series test positive. If it is isolated to the crew, they will likely soldier on once they have everyone in question quarantined. If a member of the cast tests positive, you can expect a longer delay. 

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