This week's Apprentice prize was a training session with Mo Farah, but Twitter wasn't impressed

This week Lord Sugar instructed his candidates on The Apprentice to sell pet products at the London Pet Show.

After slogging their guts out to flog a combination of animal balloons, animal T-shirts, and luxury pet beds, you’d think Versatile’s prize would have centred on being pampered.

Britain's Mo Farah

Britain’s Mo Farah (Lee Jin-man/AP)


Instead, they won a training session with Britain’s Olympic and world champion runner, Mo Farah. The athlete who is also famous for those Quorn adverts.

Twitter could hardly believe it…

Where’s the wine?

A training session with mo farah? I'll stay in and drink wine but thanks #TheApprentice #tootired

— kate ford (@kateford76) October 28, 2015


The treat for winning the apprentice this week, 10,000m with Mo Farrah – what happened to a bit of wine tasting! #TheApprentice

— InvoiceFinanceMan (@GlennBlackman) October 28, 2015


Weekly winners used to fly round in helicopters drinking champagne, not shooing geese for Mo Farah #TheApprentice

— Iain Lynn (@nwpicdesk) October 28, 2015


Mo thank you, Lord Sugar

Oh, doing running with Mo Farah as a treat #TheApprentice

— Captain Kidd (@kidd_kong78) October 28, 2015


No disrespect to Mo but your prize is running, I'd ask to go to the cafe, at least I could have a bun with the losers #TheApprentice

— Murray Christison (@PieMan70) October 28, 2015


Still can't get over that the treat was running with Mo Farrah. That is NOT A TREAT. A treat is chocolate with Tom Hardy. #TheApprentice

— knowingkimberly (@knowingkimberly) October 28, 2015


Running with Mo Farah is not my idea of a treat. I'm sure that's a torture tactic somewhere #TheApprentice

— Abu Al Baik (@M_Ullah) October 28, 2015


How Quorn-y!

Your prize is eating quorn and jogging with Mo Farrah? Great! #TheApprentice

— Mike Rawlins (@mike_rawlins) October 28, 2015


'For your treat, Mo Farah will be serving you some delicious tasty Quorn.' #TheApprentice

— Pete Allison (@Pete_Allison) October 28, 2015


Running with the Quorn man as a reward, even vegans would count that as a punishment #theapprentice

— Suleman (@NamelusWonder) October 28, 2015


However, one Apprentice winner approved

A treat with @Mo_Farah on #TheApprentice – Wow!!!!!! Imagine being in the losing team missing out on that and waiting to be fired! #gutted

— Ricky Martin (@RickyMartin247) October 28, 2015


Ruth Whiteley was fired from The Apprentice on Wednesday. Lord Sugar’s hunt for his new business partner continues next week.


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