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Three Night Stand | Film review - Canadian romantic comedy springs surprises on young couple Sam & Meaghan

Three Night Stand - Anne-Marie Cadieux, Aliocha Schneider

Three Night Stand - Anne-Marie Cadieux, Aliocha Schneider

Canadian romantic comedy Three Night Stand dispatches young couple Carl (Sam Huntington) and Sue (Meaghan Rath) to a remote country lodge for a weekend break to revive their flagging marriage - and then springs on them the surprise that the husband’s ex (Emmanuelle Chriqui) is the B&B’s new owner. The presence of a handsome young actor (Aliocha Schneider) and his svelte mother (Anne-Marie Cadieux) adds further complications, as does the unexpected arrival of two of the couple’s friends. All of which suggests we’re going to get a frisky screwball farce, but with more regrets and recriminations than jokes, the outcome is a lot more downbeat and a lot less fun.


Certificate 15. Runtime 88 mins. Director Pat Kiely.

Three Night Stand is available on Sky On Demand