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Thrilled Coronation Street fans salute Gemma Winter's INCREDIBLE makeover

Coronation Street - Gemma Winter played by Dolly-Rose
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

'Aww Gemma looks lovely'

Coronation Street viewers were delighted by Gemma Winter’s "amazing" makeover as she enjoyed a glam photoshoot during last night's episodes.

Things didn’t start off well for the frazzled new mum as she frantically tried to get ready for the shoot with Chesney and the kids.

“Are my eyes wonky?” asked Gemma (Dolly Rose-Campbell) as she struggled to do her make-up. “A bit,” replied a concerned Chesney (Sam Aston). The next minute the pair had more problems as the quads all started screaming…

Gemma Winter Coronation Street makeover

Gemma Winter had to suffer a bit as she underwent her makeover in last night's Coronation Street (credit: ITV)

However, Gemma didn’t need to worry as when she arrived at a huge house for the shoot she was given a professional makeover.

And fans took to Twitter to express their delight when Gemma emerged in a blush coloured blouse and secretary style pinafore dress, while Chesney appeared to resemble the Milk Tray man!

Coronation Street Gemma makeover

Fans love the new look Gemma! (credit: ITV)

“Aww Gemma looks lovely, ” tweeted one. Another said: “How gorgeous does Gemma look with her make up done properly?!”

Other comments included “I love Gemma’s hair”. And “loving Gemma tonight”.

The pair were thrilled to hear that their four little ones would be looked after by two trained chaperons. “Good luck to them,” was Gemma’s sharp response.

And their day got even better when they were shown to the “green room” which turned out to be an enormous bedroom. While an excited Chesney picked up a packet of posh biscuits, Gemma immediately took the chance to get on the bed.

Alone at last the couple’s attention turned to what any new parent does when they finally get some peace alone in the bedroom… yep they took the chance to get some sleep!

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“That is the best time I have ever spent in bed with you!” said Gemma.

However, their long sleep meant trouble for Chesney as he missed his shift at the kebab shop.

Coronation Street continues on ITV this Friday.