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Top Gear pulls Morse Code prank
Top Gear pulls Morse Code prank (Image credit: BBC)

Motoring show Top Gear has been poking fun at Strictly Come Dancing via secret Morse code messages, according to The Sun. The paper reports that the jibes appeared on last week's show as a series of dot-dash beeps played over the soundtrack, as mystery driver The Stig tore round a racetrack in a Lamborghini. One message, according to Morse code experts, said, "Strictly Come Dancing is c**p". Another apparently said, "I love cheese". "I know Morse code when I hear it," one viewer told The Sun, "so I played it back and worked out what they were saying. It's typical of Top Gear to slag off Strictly — can you imagine Clarkson in a sequined top?" Producers admitted they are planning more joke messages on next week's show, including "I voted for Ross Perot" - a tribute to the US politician's failed bid to become President in the 90s. "It's all just a bit of fun," a show insider said. Top Gear is known for being irreverent so this is just the producers' idea of a joke."

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