TV tonight: our highlights for Sunday 31st May

TV tonight Killing Eve
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Killing Eve is just one of the gems on today...

Villanelle heads to Scotland in Killing Eve, ooh and aah over Wild Animal Babies on Sky Nature, and follow the story of Two Sisters, One Body on C4. Here’s what you shouldn’t be missing on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Wild Animal Babies, 8pm, Sky Nature

TV tonight Wild Animal Babies

Patrick Aryee meets a baby elephant

It’s tempting to squeal ‘aww!’ throughout this three-part series looking at some of the cutest creatures in the animal kingdom, but try not to drown out the narration because presenter Patrick Aryee shares some genuinely fascinating facts. Tonight is all about single-offspring species, so settle in to find out how elephant calves get the hang of their trunks, how a wildebeest learns to recognise its mother and get a rare glimpse inside a kangaroo’s pouch. 

★★★★ SP

Killing Eve, 9.15pm, BBC1

TV tonight Killing Eve

Villanelle and Dasha team up

Villanelle’s loyalty to long-time mentor Dasha is tested this week, as the pair are forced to team up on a new assignment. As they arrive in Scotland in search of their target, Villanelle offers Dasha the chance to carry out the hit as a retirement present, which doesn’t go down well… Meanwhile, as Konstantin fears everyone is out to kill him, Villanelle’s nemesis, MI6 agent Eve, gets a surprise phone call, putting all the pieces in place for next week’s edge-of-the-seat finale, which can be seen tomorrow on BBC iPlayer… 

★★★★ VW

Two Sisters, One Body, 9.15pm, C4

TV tonight Two Sisters, One Body

Conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita

Carmen and Lupita Andrade are like any other 18-year-olds, with loads of friends, trips to the beach and dreams of going to college. Yet they were born conjoined and given just three days to live, until a charity brought them from their home in Mexico to the US for urgent medical treatment. This film follows the sisters as they finish high school and learn to drive. A powerful and poignant watch. 

★★★★ HD

Best box set to watch on TV tonight

Never Have I Ever, season 1, Netflix

TV tonight Never Have I Ever

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan stars

Mindy Kaling is the co-creator of this coming-of-age-comedy that centres on 15-year-old Indian-American Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan). After a difficult year, geeky Devi is determined to become cool. Adding to the sitcom’s quirky charm is the narration by American tennis great John McEnroe.

Best film to watch on TV tonight

Rio 2, 3.05pm, Film4

TV tonight Rio 2

Blu and Jewel embark on a new adventure

This sequel sees neurotic blue Spix macaw Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) flying into the Amazon rainforest with Jewel (Anne Hathaway) and their little brood to find endangered fellow birds. What follows is essentially a tale of city folk rediscovering nature. It initially struggles to take wing, but Eisenberg is great as accident-prone Blu, so ill at ease in the wild that he uses a GPS device to navigate and tries to open Brazil nuts with a multi-tool rather than his beak. There’s great support from Jemaine Clement as cockatoo Nigel. 

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Don't miss Killing Eve on TV tonight – just for Villanelle's outfits!

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