Two Beastie Movies for Burns Night

Couch Tattie’s Pickings

Since it’s Burns Night tonight, I’ve been searching for films with a Scottish theme.

That in itself has proved a tricky task, but it’s also been a wee bit difficult picking something that’s not going to clash with the haggis supper I’ve got planned for this evening.

However, I’ve successfully picked out two movies that are showing today featuring Scottish beasties,


Yes, in case you wondering, Nessie is of course one of them. Loch Ness Terror is showing on Sci-fi at 12.30pm, and my other film choice is a chiller about the elusive haggis…  actually, that’s a lie but what a good idea for a spoof horror eh?

No, actually my other movie choice features the Scottish beastie Draco the Dragon. He's the one who speaks a lot like Sean Connery in DragonHeart. It’s on at 10pm on Sky Movies Family and I think it would go down extremely well with a whisky nightcap.