Wave goodbye to BT Sports and Eurosport: hello TNT Sports

Arsenal's Bukayo Saka battles with Brentford's Rico Henry during the Premier League match on Feb. 11, 2023
Premier League is one of Eurosport's big draws. (Image credit: Stephanie Meek - CameraSport via Getty Images)

If you like to use BT Sport or Eurosport to stream live games to your TV, computer or phone, you're going to find some big changes coming to your preferred app or channel.

US media company Warner Bros. Discovery, which owns BT and Eurosport, is creating one merged sports channel package in the UK. This will happen in July, though an exact date hasn't been confirmed yet.

From July, you'll have to subscribe to a new channel package or service called TNT Sports to watch sports, with big titles, like the Premier League, Champions League and the Olympics, all playing there.

Why "TNT Sports"? Nothing to do with dynamite — in the US and Latin America, TNT is a cable TV company owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, and the company has decided to use this name in the UK too, despite the lack of brand name recognition here.

This is only the final step in Warner Bros. Discovery's slow transfer though, following BT's merger with the company in 2022, with BT Sport ESPN turning into BT Sport 4 to remove the association with Disney (ESPN is owned by the House of Mouse).

We're still waiting for news on what this means for BT Sport subscribers, but it's possible that your subscription or fee will be rolled onto this new platform. We do know that Warner Bros. Discovery has confirmed it'll be retiring the 'BT Sport' brand name in July.

Eurosport has been a pay TV channel since 1989, but nowadays it's also popular for its streaming service, which in 2021 was folded into Discovery Plus so that people using that factual TV streaming service (also owned by Warner Bros. Discovery) could stream sports (for a slightly higher monthly price).

At some point after July, Eurosport's channels and sports will also be moved over to TNT Sports, with the brand name being retired at that time too. Many are expecting this transfer will take place after the 2024 Olympics, though.

What is the price of TNT Sports, will it get TNT's US sports, and how many channels will there be? These are questions we'll have to wait until July to answer.

So, sports fans, you can wave goodbye to BT Sport and later Eurosport, but that doesn't mean there will be any disruption to your viewing plans.

Tom Bedford
Streaming and Ecommerce Writer

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