What to watch on Monday, July 13, 2020

Television Monday
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The weekend's over, you didn't get enough coffee this morning, and someone dared utter "someone's got a case of the Mondays," to you. What we're saying is, Mondays aren't always the easiest day of the week. But the day being a drag just means how you choose to unwind is that much more important! 

Here are some of the best things to check out on cable, and your favorite streaming service. We've got a nice mix of sweet and earnest comedies, some animated favorites new and old and, if you're feeling particularly nihilistic, a good old fashioned zombie jam.

'The Rest of Us' on Hulu

You'd be surprised how many films that don't get wide-releases are worth checking out. The Rest of Us is one such movie. A single mom offers her ex-husband's second wife a place to stay after his surprising death leaves his new family homeless. The film premiered at TIFF to a solid critical reception.

Stream The Rest of Us on Hulu.

'Mr. Deeds'

Mr. Deeds might not be considered Adam Sandler's best, but it still remains one of the most heartfelt movies in his filmography. Who doesn't need a flick about a good dude inheriting a ridiculous amount of money and choosing to do good things with it right now?

Watch 5:30PM EST on Freeform

'Race and Sports In America: Conversations'

This special will feature Stephen Curry, Charles Barkley, and an all-star panel of folks across sports and positions to discuss their experiences in their respective positions. 

Watch 8:00PM EST simulcast across the GOLF Channel, NBC Sports Network, NBC Sports Regional Networks and the Olympic Channel.

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'Solar Opposites' on Hulu

Solar Opposites is close enough to Rick and Morty to keep fans excited, but just different enough that those who may have been turned off by the ladder can enjoy it. It's a quick and fun binge that you can finish in a night or stretch out through a week. Long live the Pupa! 

Stream Solar Opposites on Hulu.

'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

Strangely, Avatar: The Last Airbender was stuck in kind of a "cult favorite" status for a long time. Netflix's acquisition of the series seems to have helped break that. Now's the perfect time to join the thousands who have either revisited the series or checked it out for the first time.

Stream Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix.

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'Inside Out'

Emotions are complicated all the time, but they are especially complicated when we're all stuck in the midst of a global pandemic and finding ourselves isolated from our friends and loved ones. While Inside Out's themes aren't as heavy, they're a great way to better understand emotions while enjoying a really sweet film. 

Warning: be prepared with the tissues if this is a first time watch.

Stream Inside Out on Disney+

'Blood Quantum'

Unique zombie movies aren't very common. There are a few really solid flicks, and some really good zom-coms, but everything in the genre has basically been done by now. Enter Blood Quantum: a completely fresh and interesting take on the genre. The film quietly debuted on Shudder a few months ago, and is absolutely worth a watch.

Stream Blood Quantum on Shudder.

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