What's next on 'Q: Into the Storm' on HBO Max

Jim Watkins and Ron Watkins in "Q: Into the Storm" on HBO Max.
(Image credit: WarnerMedia)

It's hard to watch Q: Into the Storm on HBO Max and not have a few things repeating continuously in your head.

First is just how sad the whole thing is. So many people desperate for attention and affirmation, and how posting anonymously on the internet can fill that hole.

The second thing you think is "When can I watch more? And how much worse is it going to get?"

The first answer to that is "on Sunday night." And the second answer is that it's probably going to get much, much worse. 

We're two thirds of the way through the series, with two episodes to go. Get through the first two episodes — which are not easy watches — and you pretty quickly get sucked into the crux of the whole mess. Nothing is real, and everything is real. There is something very wrong with all of this.

And there probably also is no way to stop any of it.

Episodes 3 and 4 delve even further into the un-reality that is all this, into the 8Chan website that helped it flourish (and very likely was the source in the first place), and into the very strange people at the center of it all.

The first four episodes are available now on HBO Max, with more airing Sunday nights. HBO's also given us a preview of what to expect in the final two episodes.

Phil Nickinson

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