What's on TV for Sunday, August 23

Television Sunday
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The weekend is almost over but the options for great things to watch on TV haven’t slowed down. Tonight we found a ton of great new stuff worth a watch including new episodes of the Showtime documentary show The Circus, two NBA playoff games, and a few new movies that are worth your attention.

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The Circus

Politics has started to replace the pandemic when it comes to headlines. Showtime’s documentary-style show The Circus takes a look inside the Trump era of presidential politics. The non-partisan show offers an inside look at what’s happening in real time, and sometimes offers a bit more insight into events that are going on that you might get from a traditional news program.

Watch tonight at 8pm EDT on Showtime

NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs move into game four tonight. The first game is a matchup between the Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets. That gets underway at 6:30pm EDT. Afterward, stick around to see the Denver Nuggets take on the Utah Jazz at 9pm EDT. Both games are being played from the ESPN Wide Word of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida where the NBA has been quarantining together since July.

Watch tonight starting at 6:30pm EDT


Beat Bobby Flay is one of my favorite shows to watch on airplanes. Despite that dozens of episodes Ive seen, I’m fairly certain no one has in fact ever beaten Bobby Flay. Tonight, some cooks will take on Flay in a slightly different competition. In this special episode of Chopped chef’s have to beat each other at unusual cooking challenges before they can take on Flay. Tonight’s challenges include making a green vegetable a winner in a dessert.

Watch tonight at 9pm EDT on the Food Network


In the mood for a horror film tonight? The film 1BR arrived on Netflix today. The 2019 film from Davis Marmor follows the story of a girl that is trying to settle into her new home, but is discovering that her new neighbors aren’t exactly what they seem.

Watch anytime on Netflix

The Sleepover

Sure, as kids we all thought our parents might be living secret lives, but what if they actually are. In the Netflix Original film The Sleepover a group of kids have to figure out why to do when their parents happen to be kidnapped by a crew of international thieves. Spoiler: the answer is to have a sleepover, except this sleepover is going involve some spy gear.

Watch anytime on Netflix

Blindspot: Season 5

If you’re looking for something to binge, The Blindspot is a pretty solid choice. The entirety of Season 5 arrived on Hulu today. The premise of the show is that a woman with no memory of who she is or where she came from is discovered naked in Times Square. Covered in tattoos, they eventually discover that each tattoo is a different crime that needs to be solved.

Watch anytime on Hulu

Big Brother

It's another week in the Big Brother house. Thursday Nicole A was removed from the Big Brother House. Now we have a whole new week of action happening inside that will result in yet another house guest going home.  This special quarantine edition of the show is actually being shot now, and the houseguests are having to do things like social distance from the crew and wear masks on their way out the door.

Watch at 8pm EDT on CBS

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