What's on TV for Sunday, November 1

Television Sunday
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Tonight the Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday Night Football! Netflix just added all six seasons of Dawson’s Creek for your binging pleasure, and all of season 4 of Ricky and Morty is now available on Hulu.

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Sunday Night Football

Are you ready for some football? Tonight the Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday Night Football. Like other NFL games, tonight's game will be playing without an audience in the stands. Tonight's game is being played from Lincoln Financial Field.

Watch at 8:20pm on NBC

Dawson's Creek

Netflix added all six seasons of Dawson's Creek today for your binge watching pleasure. You can kick off your journey to the Creek with episode one, or pick and choose which of your favorite episodes to watch.

Watch anytime on Netflix

Rick & Morty: Complete Season 4 

Rick and Morty is a show about a sociopathic scientist who drags his unintelligent grandson on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe. All of season 4 is now available.

Watch anytime on Hulu

Our Cartoon President

With the election just days away and his popularity low, Cartoon Trump must do the unthinkable: campaign one-on-one with average Americans. Meanwhile, Cartoon Joe Biden tries to energize his half-hearted supporters by offering an inspiring message besides "I'm not Donald Trump."

Watch at 8:30pm EDT on Showtime

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Julie Bowen wins big for Baby2Baby; Joel McHale competes for the charity Groundswell, and Bus Driver Eric Bailey plays for the $1 million prize tonight on a new episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

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