What's on TV for Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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If you’ve been jonesing for some reality television, then tonight’s your night. Big Brother and Catfish: The TV Show are both kicking off their new seasons tonight. Both were also shot (or are being shot currently) during the pandemic, so they should be interesting to watch from a logistics perspective as well as you know, the general drama that ends up happening.

Netflix has a new documentary on some of the world’s most wanted criminals dropping today, and it’s the finale of Guy’s Grocery Games on Food Network where chef’s will compete in a special summer grilling challenge.

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Big Brother

A special pandemic season of Big Brother kicks off tonight. The all-star season is keeping the participants a secret until the premiere, but we’ll find out who's participating as each contestant enters the house tonight. Since there’s a pandemic going on and all, this season houseguests will also be sequestered away from the show’s crew and things will be sanitized before they enter the house. Will they become a power quarantine pod or will this season be a super spreader event all on its own? Find out tonight.

Watch at 9pm EDT on CBS.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA basketball continues tonight from Florida where the players are all living in a basketball bubble for the rest of the season. Tonight the LA Lakers take on the Oklahoma City Thunder at 6:30pm EDT on ESPN. If you watch the game and still want more, you can stick around and catch the Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets at 9pm EDT.

Watch starting at 6:30pm EDT on ESPN.

World's Most Wanted

Forget America’s Most Wanted, Netflix’s latest documentary takes a look at some of the World’s Most Wanted. World’s Most Wanted arrives today on the streaming service and profiles five of the world’s most heinous criminals hat have somehow managed to avoid capture despite there being global investigations into their crimes and massive rewards for information leading to their arrests. 

Watch it anytime on Netflix.

Catfish: The TV Show

Quarantine isn’t stopping a new season of Catfish from hitting the airwaves. Tonight New and Kamie help a lovestruck Jason get the deets on an Instagram model named Keith. The whole thing happens remotely from everyone's home, which should add an interesting layer to this season’s show.

Watch it tonight at 8pm EDT on MTV and VH1.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tonight Bravo is airing an extra special episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with bonus footage and never-before-seen content from the show. It’s bound to be… something and drama is all but guaranteed.

Watch it at 8pm EDT on Bravo.

Guy’s Grocery Games

Looking to turn your pandemic cooking game up a notch? Tonight is the finale of Summer Grillin' Games on Guy’s Grocery Games. Chefs will create their masterpieces using ingredients they acquire in Guy Fieri’s “Flavortown Market,” which also happen to be ingredients you can get at your own supermarket if you want to take any of their ideas out for a test drive later.

Watch it tonight at 9pm EDT on Food Network.

Stanley Cup Qualifiers

The Stanley Cup qualifiers are back today will a full day of hockey coming from both the eastern conference, which is playing at Scotiabank Arena, and the western conference playing at Rogers Place. My pick is the eastern conference games today.  The Islanders take on the Panthers starting at noon followed by the Predators vs. Coyotes at 2:30pm EDT,  Lightning vs. Bruins at 4pm EDT and the Penguins vs. Canadiens at 8pm EDT. All four games are on NBCSN.

Watch starting at 12pm ET on NBCSN.

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