What's on TV for June 16, 2020

What's on TV

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There's more content than ever available all kinds of places. More than you could ever possibly watch in a day, whether it's on traditional broadcast networks or cable channels, premium or streaming.

Every day we'll pick out the best of what you can't find any old other time, be it in prime time, late night, or on your favorite streaming service. And when sports are up and running — there's a bit going on in — you'll find it here, too.

What's on tonight in Prime time

  • Let it Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992 (ABC) 8 p.m.: A look at the decade leading up to the L.A. riots of 1992. This documentary examines the era's racial tensions, the rise of gangs, the crack epidemic and the efforts of the LAPD to clamp down on the violence.
  • NCIS (CBS) 8 p.m.: A petty officer's son is found murdered at his "welcome home from prison" party and the evidence suggests Kasie's lifelong best friend, Dante Brown, is the suspect.
  • Hell's Kitchen (Fox) 8 p.m.: The remaining chefs must face off in a "game of chance" to divvy up their ingredients and create their own unique dishes. During this challenge, each chef has 45 minutes to create a dish, using a protein of their choice. America's Got Talent (NBC) 8 p.m.: It's the fourth round of auditions in this 15th season of AGT.
  • FBI (CBS) 9 p.m.: A front-running female presidential candidate, Valerie Caldwell, is targeted with a car bomb, and OA and Maggie must hurry to track down the bomber before they strike again. The case leads them to wonder whether this person is targeting Caldwell for her political aspirations.
  • Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back (Fox) 9 p.m.: Gordon Ramsay's "Hell On Wheels" travels to Caneda's White Rooster, a Cuban-inspired restaurant located in Tom's River, NJ. Alongside special guest stars, "The Sopranos" alums Joey Gannascoli and Vincent Pastore, Chef Ramsay and his crew.
  • The Genetic Detective (ABC) 10 p.m.: The killer of 8-year-old April Tinsley taunted police for decades in Fort Wayne, Indiana, leaving notes and threats with viable DNA samples, but they still couldn't catch him until now.
  • FBI: Most wanted (CBS) 10 p.m.: After a manipulative student commits murder in a fit of jealousy, the team races to capture her before she escapes across the border.
  • World of Dance (NBC) 10:01 p.m.: In the final round of "The Qualifiers," the competition gets turned on its head as the judges surprise contestants, who must now first perform in a stripped down warehouse to prove they have what it takes.

What's on late night

  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC) 11:34 p.m.: Gwyneth Paltro and Zachary Quinto do their thing; musical guest Alex Benjamin.
  • The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (CBS) 11:35 p.m.: Stephen chats with comedian and host of Patriot Act on Netflix Hasan Minhaj.
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC) 11:35 p.m.: Mark Ruffalo ( Avengers , I Know This Much is True ) sits down with Jimmy, from a distance.

What's new to streaming on June 16

  • Baby Mama (Neflix)
  • Charlie St. Cloud (Netflix)
  • The Darkness (Netflix)
  • Frost/Nixon (Netflix)
  • Brockmire: Complete Season 4 (Hulu)
  • Larry Crowne (Hulu)

Coming to HBO Max on June 16

We're halfway through the month, and that means a wealth of new content on HBO Max . Here's what's newly available as of today.

  • #GeorgeWashington, 2017
  • Age of Big Cats, Season One
  • Ancient Earth, Season One
  • Apocalypse: WWI, Season One
  • Big World in A Small Garden, 2016
  • The Celts: Blood, Iron & Sacrifice, Season One
  • Cornfield Shipwreck, 2019
  • The Daunting Fortress of Richard the Lionheart, 2019
  • David Attenborough's Ant Mountain, 2016
  • David Attenbourough's Light on Earth, 2016
  • DeBugged, 2018
  • Digits, Season One
  • Dragons & Damsels, 2019
  • Ebony: The Last Years of The Atlantic Slave Trade, 2016
  • Expedition: Black Sea Wrecks, Season One
  • First Man, 2017
  • Going Nuts: Tales from Squirrel World, 2019
  • Hack the Moon: Unsung Heroes of Apollo, 2019
  • The History of Food, Season One
  • Hurricane the Anatomy, Season One, 2018
  • Into the Lost Crystal Caves, 2016
  • Jason Silva: Transhumanism, 2016
  • King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis (Part 1 & Part 2), Season One
  • Knuckleball!, 2019
  • Leonardo: The Mystery of The Lost Portrait, 2018
  • Looney Tunes (Batch 2) (6/22), Season One
  • Man's First Friend, 2018
  • Penguin Central, 2019
  • Pompeii: Disaster Street, 2020
  • Popeye (Batch 2) (6/22), Season One
  • Pyramids Builders: New Clues, 2019
  • Realm of the Volga, Season One
  • Sacred Spaces, Season One
  • Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer, Documentary Premiere (CNN): Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer is the sensational true story of the most infamous tabloid in US history, a wild, probing look at how one newspaper's prescient grasp of its readers' darkest curiosities led it to massive profits and influence
  • Scanning the Pyramids, 2018
  • Science vs. Terrorism, Season One
  • The Secret Lives of Big Cats, Season One
  • Secret Life of Lakes, Season One
  • Secret Life Underground, Season One
  • Secrets of the Solar System, Season One
  • Space Probes!, Season One
  • Speed, Season One
  • Spies of War, Season One
  • Tales of Nature, Season One
  • Tsunamis: Facing a Global Threat, 2020
  • Versailles Rediscovered: The Sun King's Vanished Palace, 2019
  • Viking Women, Season One
  • Vitamania, 2018
  • Whale Wisdom, 2019
  • The Woodstock Bus, 2019