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Why 'Emmerdale' fans have hailed Kim Tate an ICON after shocking double death twist

Emmerdale icon Kim Tate talks to Jamie in the kitchen at Home Farm.
Fans have called Kim an icon after her elaborate revenge plan unfolded on screen this week. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans were beside themselves after last night's double bill saw Kim Tate double bluff son Jamie Tate once again after returning from the "dead". 

Thursday night's episodes saw yet another twist in Kim's poisoning storyline, which has seen her fake her own death this week in an elaborate plan to get son Jamie to confess to the fact he is the one guilty of poisoning her all this time. 

For months viewers have watched a mystery person putting diazepam into Kim's brandy and letting her think that she was developing Alzheimer's. 

However, Kim soon cottoned onto the fact she was being poisoned by someone close to her and, of course, she wasn't going to let things lie until she worked out who. 

Kim Tate returns from the dead in Emmerdale

Kim Tate returned from the dead earlier this week, vowing to get revenge on her son, Jamie.  (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale legend Kim gets the ultimate revenge 

This week the climax to this storyline has played out, thrilling fans from start to finish as they watched Kim fake her own death with the help of Will Taylor and even hiring actors to play the police and doctors to convince Jamie that she was really dead.

Thursday night's first episode then saw Kim stun Jamie by returning to Home Farm and confronting him for his actions. 

The details of Kim's revenge plan on Jamie were explained in a series of flashbacks, showing viewers exactly how she managed to make her "death" so believable.

But that wasn't the only twist in the storyline. 

The second of Thursday's episodes saw Kim reveal to Jamie that she was treating him to a taste of his own medicine and had poisoned his drink, just like he had been doing to her all these weeks.

Jamie Tate is horrified

Jamie couldn't believe his eyes when Kim returned to Home Farm after faking her own death.  (Image credit: ITV)

Jamie started to feel the "effects" of the poison as the pair argued, leaving no stone unturned as they confronted one another about their poisonous relationship. 

But while Jamie believed his own mum might try and kill him, it turned out to be another of Kim's elaborate revenge plans to teach spoilt Jamie a lesson.

Fans couldn't get enough of the double death twist, first Kim's "death" and then Jamie's potential "death" and took to social media to hail Kim an Emmerdale icon...

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The end of Thursday's double bill saw Jamie leave Home Farm, having been banished from the family by Kim. 

Knowing that sending her son to jail for his crimes would only expose her own skeletons, Kim decided the best way to get the ultimate revenge on Jaime was to cut all ties and take away his inheritance. 

But is this really the last we have seen of Jamie? Or is he going to make an elaborate return to the village just like his own mum? 

Emmerdale continues tonight (Friday 25th June) at 7pm on ITV — see our TV Guide for listings. If you have missed any of Kim's revenge plan over the last few days, you can stream all of this week's episodes on ITV Hub