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Will Mellor: 'No Offence reflects salt of the earth Mancunians'

Will Mellor has said he thinks cop drama No Offence reflects the reality of how honest Manchester people are.

The 39-year-old Mancunian actor plays policeman DC Spike Tanner in the new Channel 4 show from Shameless writer Paul Abbott, co-starring Joanna Scanlan, Elaine Cassidy and Alexandra Roach.

Will said: “I love Manchester for the fact it’s just a real city and I love the people of Manchester, I’m very proud to be from here. I think [the show] reflects the normality of Manchester and the real people and the salt of the earth kind of people they are.

Will plays detective Constable Spike Tanner in No Offence (Channel 4)

Will plays detective Constable Spike Tanner in No Offence (Channel 4)

“The detectives and the police officers and even our Ma’am (Joanna Scanlan) she doesn’t mince her words, she tells it how it is, and I think that’s what Manchester people are about.

“And I think it’s the same with this, we get the job done, no airs, no graces and we go home. And that’s what No Offence is about, get in there and get the job done.”

The dark comedy drama only just launched on Channel 4 this week, but Will is already confident it could return for a second series.

He revealed: “I can see the potential with this show. It’s got potential to go quite far I think. The kind of show it is, if we get it right I think it will be a success.”

Will's brother-in-law is a copper (Channel 4)

Will’s brother-in-law is a police officer (Channel 4)

Like co-star Alexandra, whose parents are both in the force, Will didn’t have to look far for advice on playing a cop.

He revealed: “My brother-in-law is a policeman and my brother-in-law’s brother was the guy who helped Paul Abbott on this, because he was CID. So I didn’t have to go that far for any questions, they helped me out.”