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The Woman in White - Who's Who guide to the spooky new BBC1 thriller starring Ben Hardy

The Woman in White who's who guide pic of three leads
(Image credit: BBC/Origin Pictures)

Ex EastEnders star Ben Hardy leads the cast of this big new Sunday night drama

The Woman in White Who's Who's guide - former EastEnders actor Ben Hardy and Jessie Buckley star in BBC1's new thriller.

Here's our guide to all the key characters...

Walter Hartright (Ben Hardy)

Ben as Walter

Artist drawn into a terrifying mystery when he meets a strange woman dressed in white. But what is her link to his two pupils?

Marian Halcombe (Jessie Buckley)


Spirited young woman Walter teaches to paint in Cumberland. Events lead her to have to defend her beloved half-sister…

Anne Catherick (Olivia Vinall)


Mysterious white-clad woman, with a striking resemblance to Laura, who seems to have escaped from a mental asylum...

Laura Fairlie (Olivia Vinall)


Marian’s kind and gentle half-sister captures Walter’s heart, but her engagement to the charming but enigmatic Sir Percival Glyde casts a shadow over her life.

Sir Percival Glyde (Dougray Scott)

Sir Percival (DOUGRAY SCOTT)

Laura’s much older fiancé is a highly respected, middle-aged baronet, but is he everything that he seems?

Frederick Fairlie (Charles Dance)


Wealthy landowner and Laura’s eccentric and tetchy uncle, who hires Walter to restore his art collection and teach her to paint.

Mrs Vesey (Joanna Scanlan)


Marian and Laura’s devoted chaperone has taken care of them since they were young, but doesn’t always offer them the best advice…

Erasmus Nash (Art Malik)

Erasmus (ART MALIK)

After a series of chilling events befall Walter and the sisters, stranger Nash is entrusted to discover what happened…

The Woman in White starts Sunday on BBC1 at 9pm.