You can now order the HDHomeRun Scribe and Servio boxes

HDHomeRun Scribe

What you need to know

• Scribe is an all-in-one OTA tuner/recorder.

• Servio is a standalone hard drive for existing HDHomeRun boxes.

• You'll still need a $35-a-year DVR subsription.

HDHomeRun has long been my go-to box for over-the-air TV. It's simple: You plug in your antenna, hook the HDHomeRun up to your network, then stream on all kinds of devices. (Basically anything but Roku.)

The only thing missing has been easy recording. Sure, you could use network attached storage as a local DVR, but it never really was simple enough for most normal folks.

That's where HDHomeRun Scribe and Servio come in.

Scribe is a combination tuner/DVR box (it's available with dual or quad tuners) that includes 1 terabyte of storage, for more than 150 hours of recordings.

Servio is a standalone DVR that works with an existing HDHomeRun box and includes 2TB of storage.

Playback works just fine on Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android and Xbox One. (No Amazon Fire TV? We'll just have to see about that.)

The Scribe Duo (with two tuners) is available for preorder from Best Buy for $199.99 and should be delivered by July 4. (It also includes a free year of DVR service.) The Scribe Quatro ( $249 ) and HDHomeRun Servio ( $149 ) can be ordered direction from HDHomeRun.

Which HDHomeRun box should you buy?