'You Don't Know Me' viewers are hooked on the 'gripping' new BBC series

You Don't Know Me episode one
'You Don't Know Me' stars Samuel Adewunmi as Hero. (Image credit: BBC/Snowed-In Productions)

You Don't Know Me episode 1 aired on Sunday night, and the pilot episode has already impressed viewers who are now 'hooked' on the new legal drama.

Based on the novel by criminal defence barrister Imran Mahmood, the story centres on a young man named Hero, who, with overwhelming evidence against him, stands accused of murder. As an audience, we're placed in the position of the jurors, unsure as to whether or not Hero is guilty of this crime.

Talking to us about the drama, lead actor Samuel Adewunmi says: "We don’t know if Hero is telling the truth or not, so in a way, the audience is the 13th juror. I love stories like this that don’t make any decisions for you because it trusts that the viewers are intelligent enough to think for themselves and come up with their own ideas."

You Don't Know Me episode one

Samuel Adewunmi (right) plays main character, Hero.  (Image credit: BBC/Snowed-In Productions)

Episode 1 throws us right in the deep end, with the opening scene taking place in court where a barrister explains what has happened and how Hero was placed at the scene of the crime, with all signs seemingly pointing towards his guilt. But did he really have anything to do with it?

In a shocking turn of events, it is also revealed that Hero has dismissed his legal counsel and now intends to represent himself. From this point, he speaks directly to the audience to give his version of events and hopefully prove his innocence.

It seems it's off to a strong start too, as fans on Twitter have already expressed how impressed they are with the first episode. In fact, some couldn't wait for episode 2 to air and have already hopped onto BBC iPlayer to binge-watch the rest of it!

Hero's story continues tonight (Monday, Dec. 6) at 9pm on BBC1, with episodes three and four airing next week on Sunday, Dec. 12, and Monday, Dec. 13. And if the first episode is anything to go by, it seems like viewers will be on the edge of their seats with this one!

All four episodes of You Don't Know Me are available on BBC iPlayer right now. For more listings - check our TV guide.

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