YouTube TV is getting a new on-screen guide on smart-home screens

YouTube TV guide

Google today announced that YouTube TV will (finally!) be getting an on-screen guide. It was announced alongside the rebranding of Google Home Hub to the Nest Hub, and the announcement of the new Nest Hub Max . (But we're willing to bet we'll also see it on the likes of the Lenovo Smart Display, and other first-gen products of that ilk.)

Previously — well, it just wasn't there, really. You could use your voice to tune to a channel, but not see what else might be going on around it. You know, like in a normal live TV experience. That's about to change.

Here's what it looks like in action:

YouTube TV guide

And for a little more on the new Nest Home Max, we'll turn to our pals at Technobuffalo :

The Nest Hub Max is exactly what you'd expect. It combines the Google Home Hub with a Nest camera to bring the best of both worlds in just one product. It has a large 10-inch HD screen which offers variety compared to the much smaller screen on the Google Home Hub, and also features stereo speakers for much better audio.

The Nest Hub Max features a Nest camera with all the features that make Nest cameras one of the best security solutions on the market. We've seen products like the Lenovo Smart Display that feature cameras, but those are just used for video calls. The Nest Hub Max features a full security camera allowing you to monitor it your home while you're away. Beyond the camera, the Nest Hub Max has everything else you'd expect from a Google Assistant-powered smart display.

Nest Hub Max will be available later this summer for $229.