Emmerdale spoilers: Lonely Chas Dingle receives BOMBSHELL news

Chas Dingle by Grace's gravestone as she lights Faith's firework
Chas Dingle hears some life-changing news from a stranger. What could it be? (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Chas Dingle hears a shocking revelation in Sunday's episode (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Things are far from merry and bright for Chas and Paddy Kirk as their marriage has been left in tatters after her affair with Al Chapman was discovered. 

As the festivities get underway, Chas drops off some Christmas presents for the Dingles and a small birthday gift for Belle Dingle.

However, the Christmas spirit soon vanishes as Chas is left devastated when Belle and Mandy Dingle are hostile towards her.

Sad and alone, Chas disappears to the closed and empty Woolpack, but she's humiliated when she sees Paddy and Eve celebrating in full Christmas swing with Marlon Dingle's family.

However, the broken couple are forced to have a truce for the sake of their daughter.

Chas Dingle looks uncomfortable

Chas and Paddy Kirk spend Christmas Day together, but it doesn't go well. (Image credit: ITV)

Things take an emotional turn when Marlon thanks everyone who has supported him throughout his recovery journey after suffering from a life-threatening stroke which left him paralysed and unable to speak.

But the uncomfortable atmosphere becomes too much for Chas who quietly slips out of the celebration with her mother, Faith's firework in-hand and visits her daughter's grave.

She reads out the card given to her by Faith and even though she's missing her mother and daughter, Chas puts on a brave face when a stranger approaches her. 

There are fireworks — literally — as Chas is given some life-changing news as Faith's firework takes off.

What bombshell has Chas found out?

Emmerdale spoilers, Paddy Kirk, Chas Dingle

Chas is in the Dingle's bad books for cheating on Paddy. (Image credit: ITV)

As Cain Dingle serves life in prison, he has an unexpected visitor — his long-lost brother Caleb.

Cain and Caleb stare at each other without saying a word until Caleb reveals his surprise that their mother Faith died recently, despite Cain telling him that she had died 30 years ago.

A furious Caleb confronts Cain demanding to know why he lied to him and how Cain took away his choice to get to know his family. But Cain orders Caleb to stay away from his family. Will he listen to Cain's demands and leave the siblings alone?

Caleb visits Cain Dingle in prison

Caleb pays an unexpected visit to Cain Dingle in prison. (Image credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, Liam Cavanagh begins his first visit of the day at the Dingles and knowing that he has two more trips to make, he attempts to turn down a plate of food with no luck.

Now stuffed with food from feasting at the Dingles, Liam arrives at Holdgate for his second visit but is gobsmacked when he sees a table piled high with food.

After guzzling on too much food and drink at Rishi Sharma's, his ex Bernice Woodstock tells him they've saved him some food. Pulling a tea towel off a plate, she unveils a mountain of Christmas dinner — Liam knows what he has to do.


Liam Cavanagh's has a might feast on Christmas Day. (Image credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, following her split from husband Liam, Leyla Cavanagh closes the door behind her in Tug Ghyll as the noise of the party trickles in.

Leyla then tucks into a lonely Christmas meal for one, while Liam and Bernice have an emotional moment and share a kiss. But has he bitten off more than he can chew? 

Emmerdale spoilers, Leyla Cavanagh, Liam Cavanagh

Leyla Cavanagh spends Christmas alone after her split from husband Liam. (Image credit: ITV)

The Christmas cheer is in full swing at the Anderson household as Ethan takes the PA church system and puts it in the street along with a basic set of disco lights which causes the residents to gather round for a street party. 

The Emmerdale residents have a Christmas street party

The Emmerdale residents have a Christmas street party. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30 pm on ITV1, with a hour-long episode on Thursdays — see our TV Guide for full listings. You can also catch up on ITVX.

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