'Neighbours' spoilers: KIDNAP drama for David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan!

Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka and Paul Robinson in Neighbours
Aaron, David and Paul wait for news about baby Isla. (Image credit: Fremantle)

David Tanaka (played by Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) are frantic with worry following the kidnap of their baby daughter Isla in Neighbours (5.30pm - see our TV Guide for full listings).

Aaron, David and their daughter Isla joined the other residents of Erinsborough for the long-awaited film festival, but as the night ended with a spectacular fireworks display, the two dads were momentarily distracted.

It may only have been a few moments but it was still enough time for their baby to be snatched!

The couple are gripped with panic as they realise their daughter has been taken. 

At first it’s thought that it could have something to do with Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes)…

Nicolette agreed to be a surrogate mum for David and Aaron, but when she discovered that her girlfriend Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) had cheated on her with Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano), she did a moonlight flit!

David’s dad Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) tracked her down in Canberra and paid Nicolette $1 million to handover Isla and NEVER return to Erinsborough! 

However, attention soon turns to the mysterious young woman who has been hanging around Erinsborough and has been taking a particular interest in David, Aaron and Isla. 

But who is she? 

In tonight’s episode of the Aussie soap, all is revealed…

The mystery woman who has kidnapped Isla in Neighbours

Why has this mysterious woman kidnapped baby Isla? (Image credit: Fremantle)

As all the Ramsay Street locals pitch in to help the police search throughout the night, police officer Levi Canning (Richie Morris) discovers that Isla has been taken by a woman by the name of Britney Barnes.

And it turns out she’s the same person who’s been keeping a close watch on David, Aaron and Isla!

Levi Canning in Neighbours

Levi finds Isla's kidnapper! (Image credit: Fremantle)

Levi finds a desperate Britney (Montana Cox) and the baby at the Community Centre.

He pleads with her to give Isla back to her parents, but Britney adamantly contests that Levi has it all wrong, revealing to him a shocking piece of information that Levi’s not sure he can believe…

Britney Barnes in Neighbours

Baby Isla has been kidnapped by a woman called Britney Barnes. (Image credit: Fremantle)

David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan in Neighbours

Aaron and David are relieved to learn Isla is OK, but there's a major plot twist! (Image credit: Fremantle)

Levi calls David and Aaron to tell them that Isla is safe and also what Britney has told him…

As they try to get their heads around Britney’s claims, all becomes clear when Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) suddenly reappears… with a baby!

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours

Nicolette is back - with a baby! (Image credit: Fremantle)

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.