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Netflix renews hit horror Locke and Key for second season

Locke & Key back after huge cliffhanger...

Netflix has renewed its hit horror series Locke and Key for a second season.

The supernatural show dropped earlier this year and quickly rose to the top of most-watched lists for its gripping and suspense-ridden episodes.

And now creators have revealed that the show will be returning for a second season.

"More keys, more demons, more aloha," Locke & Key wrote in a Twitter post. "Locke & Key is officially returning for season two!!"


The series follows the Locke family as mum Nina (Darby Stanchfield) moves to her late husband’s childhood home with children Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) as the family end up embroiled in the historic house’s deadly secrets.

And fans are sure to be ecstatic at the news after the end of the first series left viewers with a jaw-dropping cliff-hanger.

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While all of the season’s questions, mysteries and dramas seemed to be wrapped up and finished off with a tidy little bow during the season one finale, creators left viewers with a taste of what the second series could be about with the very last scene.

Showing that it wasn’t quite as easy as it had previously seemed, the last scene followed seemingly unimportant character Gabe (Griffin Gluck) as a major plot twist was revealed and he was unveiled as the show’s highly-sought after villain.

The hit show was adapted from the graphic novel series, however was hit with a number of major changes.

Responding to criticism over the changes, writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez said, "It has to work as a TV show. It has to succeed in the possibilities and limitations of its own particular form.

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"When we worked on the comic, we were always eager to make it successful as a comic, and there were things we could do that you couldn't do in any other form. We made a comic that worked and thrived as a comic.

"It was the job of Carlton [Cuse, co-showrunner], Meredith [Averill], the cast, and the production team to make something that would succeed on its own terms as a TV show."