Battle In The Box: release date and all we know about Jimmy Carr gameshow

Jimmy Carr will present Battle In The Box
Jimmy Carr will present Battle In The Box (Image credit: UKTV)

Jimmy Carr will be watching a host of famous faces duke it out in Battle In The Box, a 'groundbreaking' new comedy reality gameshow.

The eight-part series will be a flagship programme for Dave when the channel rebrands itself as U&Dave on 16th July and will also be available on the U streaming service (formerly UKTV Play).  

Based on a hit Korean format from Seoul-based format agency Something Special, Battle In The Box follows pairs of celebrities as they complete mental and physical challenges in a bid for victory. 

Armed only with their toothbrushes, the contestants will spend 24 hours in an empty box vying for living space against famous competitors, until one is squeezed out. 

"We all know comedians are at their best when they're tired, hungry and lacking the most basic of human comforts," said Jimmy Carr. "So, I can't wait to see how they'll fare in the box, with space at a premium and cameras watching their every move. What could possibly go right?"

Here's everything we know about Battle In The Box... 

Battle In The Box release date

The show will premiere on U&Dave and free-streaming service U on Tuesday, July 16. The eight-part series will be going out weekly. 

What happens in Battle In The Box?

An official statement from Dave reads as follows... 

"Battle in the Box will see pairs of comics and some of the nation's favourite celebrities battle it out for pride, prizes and most importantly floorspace, in this comedy entertainment and reality hybrid. The eight-episode series will comprise of four tense double bills which will see eight pairs spend 24 hours in the box.

"When the clock starts two celebrity teams will move into a completely empty box divided by a moveable wall with nothing but a toothbrush. Once inside, they will only have cameras and each other for company - no beds, tables, chairs or home comforts. Over the course of the day and night, they will need to earn everything by winning a series of physical and mental challenges all set by the orchestrator of this chaos, Jimmy Carr. 

"Winning a game means more space and luxuries for the lucky duo. But there's a catch: more room for one team means less for the losers, as the Box's sliding wall forces them into an ever-smaller space. And, with games set around the clock, the tide - and the wall - can turn at any time."

Who's in Battle In The Box?

The celebrities appearing on the show will be as follows... 

Episodes 1 & 2: Joe Swash & Seann Walsh VS Harriet Kemsley & Lara Ricote

Episodes 3 & 4: Katherine Ryan & Tom Rosenthal VS Fatiha El-Ghorri & Josh Jones

Episodes 5 & 6: Guz Khan & Rachel Parris VS Amy Gledhill & Josh Pugh

Episodes 7 & 8: Ellie Taylor & Jessica Knappett VS Jamie Laing & Nabil Abdulrashid

Battle In The Box trailer 

There's no trailer for this one yet, but we'll post it here as soon as Jimmy drops it online. 

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