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Best horror movies available on Hulu

Best answer: Hulu does have many of the best horror movies available to stream. Hulu's horror movies are online year-round, and included in your plan without any additional subscription required.

Hulu: Hulu ($8 per month)

Hulu and horror movies are a perfect pairing. This is especially true as Halloween approaches, and the selection of horror movies on Hulu rises for the occasion. This list of many of the best horror movies available on Hulu includes modern horror classics, found footage films, and scares from the 1980's which produced some of the greatest classics in horror history.

Modern Horror Classics

  • The Others. Nicole Kidman stars in this 2001 thriller as a woman raising two children with a unique disease. As strange events disrupt their lives, she has to confront the possibility that their home may be haunted.
  • 28 Weeks Later. A sequel set six months after '28 Days Later' focusing on survivors of the original outbreak trying to rebuild. When the virus returns, they need to fight for their lives again.
  • Let the Right One In. A 2008 Swedish Horror film involving pre-teens as they deal with love, bullying and friendship; as well as life as a vampire.

Found Footage Films

  • Paranormal Activity. While the Blair Witch popularized the genre, 2007's Paranormal Activity is considered among the best of the found-footage horror films. New homeowners record themselves as they sleep to investigate what might be going bump in the night.
  • Rec. This 2007 movie has a novel idea on why the found-footage was recorded; a news crew is trapped in a building they are covering. This creates a tense thrill ride as they try to expose the truth that otherwise may die along with them.

1980's Scares

  • The Fly. This 1986 remake of a 1950's short film was an early starring role for Jeff Goldblum, as a scientist who accidentally transforms himself into a monster.
  • The Monster Squad. Kids shouldn't be left out of the Horror movie fun. In 1987's The Monster Squad, a group of young movie-monster fans find themselves in a battle against a real-life team of Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, and The Gill-man.
  • Child's Play. This 1988 cult classic, featuring a young boy and his possessed doll, was enough to give kids who saw it back in the 1980's nightmares. Check out the original Chucky film that started the series.
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