'Chris Packham: The Walk That Made Me' — air date, premise, walks, and everything you need to know

The Walk That Made Me
Chris Packham on the banks of the River Itchen. (Image credit: Image Credit: BBC/Atypical Media Ltd/Tim Smith)

Chris Packham: The Walk That Made Me sees the naturalist and broadcaster go on a powerful and emotive journey through his challenging past as he walks through the stunning Hampshire countryside.

Chris suffered with undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome as he was growing up and reflects on the importance of natural surroundings for his mental wellbeing. 

Chris says: "Those meadows were my playground. Where I came to skip and run, and search and learn, and escape and survive. Those meadows shaped and probably saved my life. 

"Walking every day is now central to my mental health regime. And the reason why I talk about this stuff is because I still fear that out there somewhere there will be teenagers all over the UK, people in their early 20s with Asperger’s or something similar, stuck in their bedrooms and they will be really, really unhappy. 

"Having been there, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. It does get better, the more of your life you can control, the better it gets.”

Here's everything you need to know about  Chris Packham: The Walk That Made Me...

When is Chris Packham: The Walk That Made Me on?

You can watch Chris Packham: The Walk That Made Me on BBC2 at 8pm on Wednesday 28 July, and on BBC iPlayer.

Where does Chris Packham walk to?

As Chris strolls along the River Itchen and Itchen Navigation, evocative and intimate memories from his childhood cloud his mind and he explains the importance of nature to help with mental health. He reminisces walking this same route with his father and playing with his treasured kestrel.

Equipped with a hand-held 360-degree camera, Chris heads north and ends up at Winchester Cathedral where he follows one of the oldest waterways in the country and meets the people who live and spend time in the area.

Chris brings his usual comprehensive knowledge and intelligence to our screens as he treks through the gentle and picturesque scenery of the countryside. He talks about the delight that water brings to wild swimmers and watches enthusiasts continue the centuries-old farming traditions by flooding a local meadow. 

During his journey, he also reveals some of the obstacles of living with Asperger’s Syndrome and provides some thoughts that may help others with their mental health. Including the life-saving qualities of "natural health". 

Is there a trailer?

Not yet! But we’ll let you know when a trailer is available.

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