Does 'Who Killed Sara?' have subtitles?

Carolina Miranda as Elisa Lozcano and Hector Jimenez as Elroy in "Who Killed Sara?" on Netflix.
(Image credit: Netflix)

One interesting trend the past year or so — due in no small part to the effective shutdown of the film industry worldwide during the global pandemic — is that Netflix has been exposing us to far more international fare. And if you've passed over what otherwise looks like an interesting show or movie simply because it's not in English, you've definitely missed out. 

From the problematic 365 Days to Lupin to Sky Rojo and Money Heist — and that's barely scraping the surface of what all's out there — there's a lot on Netflix that's worth watching, even if you're going to have to put up with subtitles. Or, worse, dubbed dialog. 

And that brings us to another recent Netflix No. 1 import — Who Killed Sara? It's a series from Mexico, and that means even more Spanish. And so it's a fair question to ask if Who Killed Sara? has subtitles — or if it's available in English.

The answer to both questions is yes. 

Who Killed Sara? — both parts are now available — has a number of options when it comes to both secondary audio as well as subtitles. And that serves as a good reminder that it's a big world out there, and it doesn't all speak English.

In addition to its native Spanish, you can watch Who Killed Sara? in English, German, French and Italian. (There's also a Spanish audio channel with descriptions, for those with visual impairments.) That said, we'd highly recommend watching in the original Spanish. Anything else just feels like you're doing a disservice to the actors.

And that means subtitles. You've got options there, too. Who Killed Sara? has subtitles available in English, French, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and in Spanish.

As for who actually killed Sara, and what happens after the 18-episode search for answers? We're going to make you find that out on your own. 

Phil Nickinson

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