Find Me Falling: release date, plot, cast and trailer for the Netflix rom-com movie

Harry Cconnick Jr. and Ali Fumiko Whitney in Netflix's Find Me Falling.
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Netflix's latest rom-com takes us to the warm and sunny shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the form of Find Me Falling, which is coming to the streamer very soon.

This latest entry in Netflix's rapidly-growing library of home-made romantic comedies quickly garnered a lot of buzz when it was announced, with the trailer in particular getting fans ready for its new story.

So if you're one of those excited fans, here's everything you need to know about Find Me Falling including what it's about, who's in it and when you'll be able to watch it.

Find Me Falling release date

You'll be able to watch Find Me Falling from Friday, July 19, which is when it'll be available to stream from around the world. It's not getting a theatrical release.

The only place to watch the movie will be Netflix, as it's a Netflix Original, so it likely won't come to other platforms or channels.

Find Me Falling trailer

In late June, roughly three months prior to the movie's release, Netflix released a trailer for Find Me Falling which you can see below.

Find Me Falling | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube Find Me Falling | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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This trailer introduces us to our main characters, who we'll get to in a later section of this article, and also nods towards the story of the movie as well as its sunny (though surpisingly gloomy-looking) Cyprian location.

Except for its biggest properties, Netflix generally only releases a single traloer for each Original, so this is likely all we'll see until Find Me Falling releases.

Find Me Falling plot

Find Me Falling centers on a rock star called John Allman. He's a one-hit wonder whose newest material isn't selling, and interest in his successful tune is fading too. On top of all that age is coming at him fast, causing him to lose interest in his music.

To try and relight his fire he moves to Cyprus, particularly to a remote hilltop house, where he can maintain a low profile while he "finds himself". This doesn't work out as intended.

As John stays on the island, he begins to draw around him various faces who are just as lost as he is, particularly an old love whose path crosses his once more. John has to work out what he really loves: his music or a woman who he left along the way.

Find Me Falling cast

A cast list for Find Me Falling has already been announced, and the lead is being played by American singer and composer Harry Connick Jr. (Independence Day, The Iron Giant and New in Town). As already stated, he plays John Allman, an aging rockstar in the twilight of his career.

His co-stars have already been detailed, as have the names of their characters, though the actual roles in the story or their personas haven't been. Here's the cast list...

  • Ali Fumiko Whitney as Melina
  • Agni Scott as Sia
  • Tony Demetriou as Captain Manoli
  • Angeliki Filipidou as Marikou
  • Lea Maleni as Koula
  • Athina Roditou as Anna
  • Clarence Smith as  Jimmy

A Cyprus beach in Netflix's Find Me Falling.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Where was Find Me Falling filmed?

Find Me Falling was shot on location in the Republic of Cyprus, an island country in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea that's between Turkey and Egypt. 

The movie's director, Stelana Kliris, lives on the island and has described Find Me Falling as "a love letter to Cyprus".

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