Monster Factory: release date, trailer, wrestlers, what happens, first looks and all about the wrestling docuseries

Monster Factory On Apple TV Plus will show what it takes to become a WWE superstar.
Monster Factory On Apple TV Plus will show what it takes to become a WWE superstar. (Image credit: Apple TV+)

Monster Factory on Apple TV Plus will show how the giant wrestling promotion WWE can be a passport to fame, with professional wrestlers in America commanding huge salaries and worshipped by fans. This six-part fly-on-the-wall series joins a group of misfits all hoping to make it to the big-time. We meet former wrestler and charismatic coach Danny Cage, who runs the Monster Factory wrestling school in New Jersey, US, and must put these unlikely sports stars through a punishing regime in the hope that they’ll be signed as professionals. But to get there, they will have to survive the training and face the potential rejection that is commonplace in the business. 

Here's everything you need to know about Monster Factory on Apple TV+...

Monster Factory On Apple TV Plus will show what it takes to become a WWE superstar.

Who's ready for the rumble at the Monster Factory? (Image credit: Apple TV+)

Monster Factory release date

Monster Factory is a six-part series that launches on Apple TV Plus on Friday March 17.

Is there a Monster Factory trailer?

Yes a trailer for Monster Factory has been released by Apple TV+. The trailer shows Danny Cage putting the recruits through their paces and we also meet the wannabe wrestlers desperate to succeed. “This is an eclectic melting pot of misfits,” says Danny, and you’ll be rooting for them all.  So take a look at the wannabe wrestling stars, the ring action and their training below...

What happens in Monster Factory?

Monster Factory is a documentary series that follows five wrestlers as they try to make it into the WWE. Each has their own reasons why they are desperate for a big break, but it’s a competitive world and only the best will succeed. However, Danny Cage has got more people into WWE than any other coach in the world, so if these hopefuls can handle the Monster Factory, they may well get a shot at their dreams. 

Monster Factory star Danny Cage

Danny was a professional wrestler himself and now runs the Monster Factory wrestling school. He’s tough yet loving and must prepare the recruits for their biggest challenges yet. 

Monster Factory owner Danny Cage.

Monster Factory owner Danny Cage. (Image credit: Apple TV)

Meet the Monster Factory wrestlers

Here's our brief lowdown of each of the five Monster Factory wrestlers...

Middle class Mimi has been going to the Monster Factory since high school and has only ever wanted to be a wrestler. She’s fierce and determined but will that take her all the way? 

Twitch suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome and found wrestling to be a safe space when he was going through his darkest times. Now he uses his condition to his advantage. 

Bobby Buffet
Bobby works at a local fast food restaurant but hopes that signing for the WWE will mean he can quit his day job and pursue the career of his dreams. 

Gabby Ortiz
Gabby quickly rose to fame on the wrestling scene but was then forced to step away from the sport due to a personal tragedy. Now she hopes she can get a second chance at glory.

Goldy is regarded as the pretty boy of the group but, unbeknown to most people, he suffers from crippling social anxiety. He uses wrestling as a way of controlling his panic attacks but will the pressure of being in the spotlight prove too much for him? 

Twitch is ready for the fight!

Twitch is ready for the fight! (Image credit: Apple TV+)

More about Monster Factory on Apple TV Plus

Monster Factory is a six-episode series are produced by Vox Media Studios and Public Record, with Max Heckman, Jeremiah Zagar, Galen Summer, Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen, and Jeremy Yaches serving as executive producers.

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