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Roadkill starring Hugh Laurie on BBC1 and PBS: The essential guide to the political thriller

Hugh Laurie stars in "Roadkill," on BB1 and PBS Masterpiece.
Hugh Laurie stars in "Roadkill," on BB1 and PBS Masterpiece. (Image credit: BBC)

Roadkill is a new political thriller coming soon to BBC1 and PBS Masterpiece starring House and Night Manager actor Hugh Laurie.

Laurie is joined in the series — written by Collateral’s David Hare — by Peaky Blinders and Harry Potter actress Helen McCrory.

The four-part drama promises to be one of the highlights of the season as it delves into the murky world of British politics.


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What’s the story in Roadkill?

Laurie plays charismatic politician Peter Laurence, whose public and private life is on the verge of falling apart. Laurie explains: "The story is in some regards about the price he is prepared to pay to get to the top position and the price that he forces everyone else to pay, principally his family, but also those who pledge their loyalty to him.

"He is a man who is relatively free of the gravity of guilt and whose life mission is to keep moving forward and not to look back."

McRory plays Prime Minister Dawn Ellison, whose job Laurence desperately wants. "Dawn’s problem with Peter is that she doesn't recognize him, and because she doesn't recognize him, she doesn't realize how dangerous he is,” says McRory.

Writer David Hare explains that the characters aren’t based on real politicians. "Mine is a parallel world to the real one, and there is no secret passage between the two. You will be wasting your time if you think that the purpose of the series is to work out who everyone is 'meant to be,' " he says.

Other key cast include Us star Saskia Reeves and A Very English Scandal’s Patricia Hodge.

When will Roadkill start on BBC1?

It will begin on at 9 p.m. BDT Sunday 18th October.

When will the series start on PBS?

Roadkill comes to PBS Masterpiece on 1st November 2020.