The Bridge Series 2: hosts, airdate, contestants and all we know

The Bridge - AJ Odudu and Aldo Kane host
AJ Odudu and Aldo Kane host The Bridge. (Image credit: Channel 4)

There's twice the drama and double the money up for grabs, as two teams battle it out with the hope of landing a £200,000 jackpot, as Channel 4 reality series The Bridge returns. 

Here’s everything we know so far… 

The Bridge: Race to a Fortune — when does it start?

The nail-biting survival show starts on Tuesday, June 7 at 10pm and continues Wednesday, June 8 at 10pm on Channel 4.

The Bridge: Race to a Fortune — who are the hosts?

Strictly favourite AJ Odudu fronts the show alongside ex-Royal Marine and survival expert Aldo Kane. 

The Bridge: Race to a Fortune — what’s the aim of the game?

Eight strangers travel from the UK to an uninhabited island off Vietnam to win big money. To make it across the South China Sea and reach the cash, situated by a tower on the island, the team must build a 1,000-foot bridge with their bare hands in just 12 days.

That sounds brutal!

It is! Especially as, this time round there’s a twist: Our eight strangers are unaware that a second team is racing them to grab the cash which, at £200,000 is double the prize pot for series one!

"Each section of the bridge consists of lengths of bamboo, thick rope and barrels to help it withstand the tides of the South China Sea," says Aldo, who’ll be checking the bridges are built safely. 

The Bridge Blue Team

The Blue Team are blissfully unaware that they are in competition with another team for the jackpot! (Image credit: Channel 4)

The Bridge: Race to a Fortune — does the winning team all get a share of the prize money?

Not exactly. Both teams — North Beach and South Beach — set to work on their bridges. However, only one team can win and only one person on that team can take home the jackpot!

"The complex part of this entire challenge is the fact that it’s one individual winner at the end, but you can’t get to the end without being a team player," says Aldo.

The Bridge Red Team

Could one member of the Red Team walk away with the prize? (Image credit: Channel 4)

The Bridge: Race to a Fortune — who are some of the contestants taking part?

Among this series' contestants are estate agent Rikaya, 30, military corporal Ethan, 28, mature student Crystal, 52, Paralympian in training Keira, 24 and carer Dawn, 48, There’s also Cambridge graduate Alex, 24, Sign Language interpreter Alim, 30, and company CEO Frankie, 30. 

Contestant Crystal

Blue Team member Crystal wastes no time showing her campmates who's boss! (Image credit: Channel 4)

So they’ve got brains and brawn, but can they build a sturdy bridge to lead them to the loot?

"This isn’t just about tying rope around bamboo," says Aldo. "This is about strategy and putting yourself in the best position that you can be to take that money at the end."

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