'World’s Greatest Shipwrecks' on More4 — start date, premise, trailer and everything you need to know

World's Greatest Shipwrecks
World's Greatest Shipwrecks explores many maritime disasters. (Image credit: Channel 4)

World’s Greatest Shipwrecks is heading to More4, and will run for ten weeks. The series will explore tales of triumph and tragedy at sea and use cutting edge maritime archeology to tell these important stories. It was made by Glasgow/Bristol based Mallinson Sadler Productions (MSP), with the first episode in Scotland.

Co-Creative Director Crispin Sadler says: “Making films about maritime matters is part of MSP’s DNA, and our track record of dealing sensitively with difficult subjects, including loss of life at sea, has opened doors to otherwise inaccessible stories. HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard are a case in point where we needed special permission from the Ministry of Defence to show the remains of these protected wrecks."

Here's everything you need to know...

World’s Greatest Shipwrecks release date on More4

World’s Greatest Shipwrecks starts on Monday 26 April at 9pm, and episodes will be available on demand via All4. A US release date has not been confirmed.

What should we expect from the first episode?

The first episode of World's Greatest Shipwrecks is called Scotland’s Sea Secrets, and focuses on Orkney Islands and two First World War shipwrecks. To bring the project to life, MSP was given official permission to sensitively broadcast film of HMS Vanguard and HMS Hampshire, both official war graves with the latter being the final resting place of General Lord Kitchener.

The project was supported by local historians and offers theories around the vessels' demise, as well as important information around their history.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, a 40 second trailer is available to watch on YouTube and gives us a glimpse of what to expect. It reveals that there's over 3 million shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean, and many have fascinating backstories. We also see some interviews with experts and historians, providing unique insight into these shipwrecks and what we can learn from them.