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David Walliams saves Simon Cowell from choking

David Walliams came to Simon Cowell's aid after he began choking at the Britain's Got Talent auditions.

The straight-talking judge got a mint stuck in this throat and began struggling for breath at the Birmingham auditions, so David, 42, came to his rescue, administering the Heimlich manoeuvre, according to the Daily Mirror.

Simon accidentally swallowed the mint and began coughing and spluttering and turned red in the face. Fellow judge Amanda Holden, who sits next to Simon, tried to help by hitting him on the back, but David ran over and grabbed the music mogul around the ribs and began squeezing until the mint was dislodged.

According to witnesses Simon, 54, looked a little uneasy, but was grateful for the comedian's help.

The incident came just a day after TV's Mr Nasty had a close encounter with an 11-year-old knife thrower at auditions for the TV talent show.

Earlier at the auditions, Simon and David had been teasing each other about their sexual prowess, according to the Metro.

Simon took issue with David describing one singer's performance as 'charming', retorting, "If you were having dinner with your wife, would you put this guy's song on?!"

David teased, "I'd save it for making love," to which Simon sniped: "'Well, it wouldn't last long, then.'"

But the Little Britain star hit back by taunting Simon over the impending arrival of his first child with Lauren Silverman, replying: "Well at least I'd remember to wear protection!"