Amanda Mealing: ‘Connie's ready to run the ED - and Zoe hands it to her on a plate!’

In an interview with What’s on TV, Amanda Mealing reveals Casualty consultant Connie Beauchamp is ready to step into Zoe’s clinical lead heels…

Since joining the emergency department earlier this year Connie has been eyeing up Zoe Hanna’s clinical lead position. And when overworked and overwhelmed Zoe goes into freefall in this Sunday’s episode, Connie’s on hand to take over – on a permanent basis!

Zoe buckles under the pressure of running the struggling ED this week and walks away from her duties to attend a helicopter crash. How does Connie view Zoe’s abandonment of her post?

“In Connie’s eyes this is appalling. Zoe has now completely failed in her duties as a clinical lead. It’s quite a pivotal moment for Connie. She’s joined the ED with a clear purpose. We’ve seen her watching Zoe to see how she works. When Zoe abdicates responsibility it gives Connie a chance to prove her skills as a leader. For Connie being left to carry the ED is a blessing in disguise!”

Why is Connie now so openly critical of Zoe’s management?

“Connie’s frustrations with Zoe’s leadership skills have escalated over the weeks. Last week elderly patients were left in reception and this week they’re making front-page headlines! Connie finds it shocking, embarrassing and shameful. [Connie believes] the emergency department needs someone decisive and strong to knock it back into shape and prove the headlines wrong. Zoe should be there as an example to everyone as to how to respond, but she runs away!”

What makes Connie think she can run the department better than Zoe?

“Connie knows she has the skills to be clinical lead. Connie’s good at politics, and being a clinical lead is partly political. She’s also very good at administration. Zoe’s brilliant at medicine, but is a shambles at administration and politics! Now Connie’s been around the emergency department enough, she’s skilled in that as well.”

We see Zoe hand in her notice to hospital CEO Guy Self this week. Does Connie jump at the vacancy?

“Connie’s been playing the long game. She now knows how the ED works and is ready to step up – and Zoe just hands it to her on a plate!”

Previously you played Connie in Holby City from 2004 to 2010. Do you feel you’re back in the flow of playing her now?

“Yes I really am. It’s six months in and I really feel like I’m part of the show and the gang. They’re playing practical jokes on me now, so I must be! Recently Matt Bardock (paramedic Jeff) stuck Connie’s Louboutins to the desk with very strong tack. He nearly needed his own paramedic for that!”

See Zoe hand in her notice after the day from hell on BBC1 this Sunday at 9.15pm.


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