Casualty's George Rainsford: ‘Maybe Scott’s comeuppance will be darker than going to prison!’

Ethan kills
Will revenge drive Ethan to murder? (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty star George Rainsford reveals Dr Ethan Hardy has a dark dilemma – will he murder Scott?

Casualty star George Rainsford talks about Ethan's agony in this week's Casualty. Will the grieving doctor kill his brother's murderer?

Last week ended on a cliffhanger with doctor Cal Knight’s callous killer, Scott Ellisson, plummeting over a balcony. Where does Casualty pick up this week? "We pick up immediately after. Last week Ethan pushed his immoral button and revealed Mickey Ellisson’s relationship with paramedic Jez, forcing Scott Ellisson to confront his brother Mickey. It went sour very quickly, there was a scuffle and Scott went straight over the side!"

How much danger is Scott in after his fall? "For once we see Scott’s vulnerability. He’s suddenly aware he could potentially die. He’s genuinely scared and calls on Ethan to help him. Ethan wanted to create confrontation between Mickey and Scott, to push Scott to a point where he’d reveal the truth about Cal… but he never expected this to happen!"

What does Ethan do when Scott asks for his help? "He’s such a moral person he goes straight into doctor mode and tries to save Scott. It’s partly from guilt but also because it’s what Ethan’s best at. Later Connie tells Ethan to keep away from Scott (Will Austin) but he can’t resist being drawn back. Towards the end of the episode Ethan goes to see Scott again and tries to find out more. There’s a showdown and Scott reveals some truths!"

Ethan kills

The moment of truth... (Image credit: BBC)

When Ethan slips into Resus to talk to Scott, what happens? "Basically Ethan wants Scott to admit what he’s done. Scott’s refusal to admit the truth, as well as his antagonistic attitude causes Ethan to eventually just lose it! He wants justice but also to move on. But he can’t do that until he gets all the answers… There’s a dramatic climax."

Does it look like Ethan could kill Scott? "Initially Ethan tried to get justice for Cal the right way, through the police and reporting Cal’s last phone message, which revealed Scott was after Ethan. Then he toyed with blackmailing Mickey to force Scott to reveal the truth. Now, Ethan wants to punish Scott."

Abandoning his morals and avenging Cal by killing Scott isn’t completely out of the question? "This isn’t a story that can be summed up quickly. There will be many more ramifications in lots of different forms… For Ethan to get closure, justice needs to prevail. Because it’s drama and not real life, maybe Scott’s comeuppance will be darker than just going to prison."

Do you think fans want to see Ethan kill Scott? Or would they prefer he remains moral? "There have been a lot of opinions on it. People are still sad that the brothers aren’t together any more. In a way, because all these storylines are about Cal, its feels like Richard Winsor who played him hasn’t left. Will Austin, who plays Scott, is brilliant – and nothing like Scott of course! Ethan’s not had confrontation with a character like this since Cal! Ethan has a choice and whatever happens he’ll have to live with it…"

Casualty is on BBC1, Saturday at 9pm

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