Jaye Griffiths: ‘Elle and Jacob’s friendship is broken in Casualty’

Elle Casualty
Elle has a lot of explaining to do... (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Jaye Griffiths reveals there's a traumatic fall out following Elle’s confession to Jacob in tonight’s jaw-dropping Casualty…


Tonight’s Casualty saw Elle Gardner and Jacob Masters’ life-long friendship torn to pieces. We talked to Jaye Griffiths about the moment Elle revealed Jacob is the biological father of her 17-year-old son Blake, following a one-night stand when Elle’s marriage was on the rocks!

Jaye Griffiths reveals how the intense scenes in tonight’s Casualty were filmed, and what lies ahead for former best friends Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) and Elle Gardner…

What a massive secret – how long have you been sitting on this storyline?

"A long time… I’ve known since I joined Casualty! It’s been a fantastic secret to keep."

Elle’s secret is life changing for Jacob. Has Charles Venn known about it all this time too?

"Yes, both Charles and I knew – we just didn’t talk about it. We were waiting to see if it would materialise, because sometimes things change. But it’s something that sat at the back…"

Are Elle and Jacob's 'pudding' and 'pancake' days over?

Are Elle and Jacob's 'pudding' and 'pancake' days over? (Image credit: BBC)

You told us recently you and Charles made special rehearsal time for the big reveal. What stands out about filming it?

"It was a hard few days. We tried to avoid Elle and Jacob having a Star Wars ‘I am your father’ moment, which was very tricky! There’s a scene where Elle has to say the words out loud and Jacob says to her ‘So you have known this for 17 years and you didn’t think to mention that?’ What can she say to that? In an ideal world Jacob would have said ‘That’s marvellous, let’s go out for lunch.’ But I can guarantee that does not happen!"

Jacob and Blake are closer than they think...

Jacob and Blake are closer than they think... (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Do you think Elle was always planning to keep Blake’s parentage secret?

"No, I don’t. Elle could have worked anywhere, but I think she went specifically to Holby to tell Jacob."

Why has it taken her so long to tell Jacob he’s a dad?

"She always intended to tell him but it was never the right time. And the more time that elapsed the harder it got. Elle was somehow hoping it would be all right. She became an emotional coward, which we’ve all been at some point."

Are you ready for Casualty fans reactions?

"No! I don’t know what they will think. Casualty fans are very loyal; they obviously watch the show properly. It’s marvellous to cause some drama!"

Can you tell us what lies ahead for Elle and Jacob’s lifelong friendship?

"Yes, that’s broken. This story is going to run and run. There’s more pain. It will be a lonely and difficult Christmas for Elle."

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