Revealed: Love is NOT on the cards for this Casualty favourite

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Michael Stevenson talks about Iain Dean’s immediate future following recent traumatic events

Paramedic Iain Dean was conspicuous by his absence in tonight’s Casualty. But could this be a good thing?

Last week Iain landed in prison for punching drug dealer Ross West, who contributed to the death of Iain’s friend, Base. But there was hope at the end of the episode. Iain was released on bail. He also had the wholehearted support of PC Kate Wilkinson and his boss Jan Jenning (who is Ross’s mum – it’s a long story, see here for more). And best of all, after months of waiting, Iain’s first therapy session finally came through.

Next week Iain takes steps towards dealing with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression by attending his first counselling session. Could better things be on the horizon for the troubled paramedic?

Here Michael Stevenson, who plays Iain Dean, reveals more…

Does this appointment signal the beginning of some healing for Iain?

Iain put his life on the line recently in a siege

Iain put his life on the line recently in a siege (Image credit: BBC)

Michael Stevenson: "Yes, at the end of that previous episode there was the glimmer of light we all want for Iain. It’s weeks since Iain requested counselling and he’s definitely needed it a lot sooner, but it’s nice that it’s finally come through."

And Jan’s back in his corner too?

MS: "Jan (Di Botcher) finally believes him and realises he’s not the lowlife that she thought he was earlier. That was a good team building moment for them. There is definitely a little gearshift, and that might give Iain some sort of hope."

There’s speculation about romance blossoming between Ruby Sparks and Iain. What’s your view on that?

Heartbreak in Holby - Iain and Lily say their last goodbye on a certain curb

Heartbreak in Holby - Iain and Lily say their last goodbye on a certain curb (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

MS: "Maddy [Hill, who plays Ruby] and I have talked about it a lot – and laughed about it a lot! Iain and Ruby are very different. I know that Iain and Crystal Yu’s character Lily Chao were also very different, and who knows what’s around the corner, but Iain and Ruby have been on a huge friendship and learning curve. Not only are they two different characters but Ruby is a lot younger than Iain. Also Iain’s not in the headspace for a romance anytime soon…"

So just good mates?

MS: "Should their relationship succeed, friendship or otherwise, it’s certainly gone through the ringer… and they’ve earned it if it does!"

What about recurring-character DC Kate Wilkinson, played by Amy Noble?

MS: "They’ve got a nice little history from previous episodes. As much as Iain’s had a good couple of years when it comes to romances in the hospital and workplace, I think it would take him by surprise if something could pull him out of the headspace he’s in at the moment…"

Crystal was convinced all Iain's relationships were doomed anyway - she called it 'The curse of Iain'!

MS: [Laughs] "Yes, if you ever see a scene with Iain and a woman on the curb outside the Hope and Anchor you need to worry. Every woman whose come into Iain’s life has left him on that exact curb – Dixie, Rita, Lily. Funnily enough the scene recently when Base shouted at Iain was on that curb. It’s the curb that’s cursed!"

Follow Iain’s progress when Casualty returns next Saturday on BBC1

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