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Megan McKenna is evicted from Celebrity Big Brother house

Megan McKenna, star of Ex On The Beach, has become the fourth person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

As presenter Emma Willis announced the news, the reality star declared, “I’m going to be in Faces (a nightclub) tomorrow night!”

Big Brother also revealed a twist in which housemates can win immunity from the next public vote on Tuesday.

Celebrity Big Brother's Megan McKenna

Celebrity Big Brother’s Megan McKenna (Channel 5)

The contestants played for immunity live by turning the handle on a box placed on a podium in front of them.

The prize depended on their particular box revealing a golden mask.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins won the first round of immunity.

Megan McKenna

Megan McKenna (Channel 5)

The other housemates will be given more chances to avoid being the next voted out throughout this weekend.

During her exit interview, Megan revealed she was not surprised at the turn of events.

“I’m all good. I need a drink! I knew it, I had a feeling all day,” she told Emma.

Megan McKenna had a rant in Celebrity Big Brother

Megan McKenna had a rant in Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5)

The 23-year-old took her departure in stride.

“Coming on here was winning for me,” she stated.

Emma asked Megan about the incident which ended with the housemate shouting and ranting in the Diary Room.

Megan McKenna in CBB

Megan McKenna in CBB (Channel 5)


Show producers had to call on security to restrain McKenna, who was given a formal warning for her unacceptable behaviour.

“The reason why I went so mad that night is that no one would let me talk. I shouldn’t have hit the camera, I’m really sorry,” she admitted.

“I don’t really think before I speak and the vodka didn’t help.”

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Scotty T

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Scotty T (Jonathan Ford/Channel 5)

On a happier note, she was asked about her budding romance with fellow Ex On The Beach cast member, Scotty T.

“It’s obvious I really do like him. We’re going to party,” she revealed.

On the flirtation between ex-Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis and Mr Ireland finalist Jeremy McConnell, she stated: “It’s just a little bit too much”.

Jeremy and Stephanie cosy up in the CBB house

Jeremy and Stephanie cosy up in the CBB house (Channel 5)

Megan added: “Steph is a very touchy feely girl. I know that she loves her boyfriend; I’ve always stood up for her. I’ve stepped back and let them get on with it.”

Earlier, Gemma told fellow housemate American reality star Tiffany Pollard she is “100% pregnant” – but it later turned out to be a false alarm.

A spokesman for Channel 5 said: “Gemma believed she was pregnant but later found out this wasn’t the case.”

TV star Gemma Collins in Celebrity Big Brother

TV star Gemma Collins in Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5)

 “I’m 100% pregnant. I know it, I know it, I know it. I’m excited but I’m nervous as well. I need a test,” Gemma had said.

“Listen, my belly, I know my belly when it’s fat. I’m used to it. But this is a rock hard lump. I’m having a baby, I know I am, I’m scared. I definitely am. I can feel it in me.”

Celebrity Big Brother's Gemma Collins

Celebrity Big Brother’s Gemma Collins (Channel 5)

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side panellist and comedian Vikki Stone was not convinced by news of the pregnancy.

“She’s a reality star. She knows how to make scenes,” she said.