Ex Corrie star Ryan Thomas hits the gym and re-sculpts his body!

It’s Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas, but not as we know him! The 32-year-old now boasts a sculpted body after undergoing a 12-week body transformation.

It’s Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas, but not as we know him! The 32-year-old now boasts a sculpted body after undergoing a 12-week body transformation.

Coronation Street's Ryan Thomas (Ultimate Performance Fitness )

Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas (Ultimate Performance Fitness )

Best known for his role as Corrie’s Jason Grimshaw, Ryan hit Ultimate Performance in Manchester with his brothers, Scott from Love Island and Scott’s twin brother Adam, from Emmerdale.

“I love setting myself goals,” Ryan told the Press Association. “I have always talked about doing something like this, but doing it together with my brothers made it a challenge and one we knew we’d find hard to back out of with each other’s support.”

Ryan Thomas (Ultimate Performance Fitness )


All three now have bodies which have noticeably changed, but Ryan said he has also noticed changes to do with his well-being.

“The biggest change I’ve felt is in the confidence you find within yourself,” added Ryan. “I’d say this is especially true now when I go for meetings. It’s a case of healthy body, healthy mind – feeling good helps with mental preparation too.”

On the subject of his clothes, Ryan talked of a notable difference. “I haven’t dropped a clothing size, but clothes fit better and definitely feel better on now,” he stated.

Ryan Thomas' new body (Ultimate Performance Fitness )


At the start of the regime, Ryan weighed 13st and had 22.5 per cent body fat. His final weight was just over 12st, but he had only 9.5 per cent body fat.

“My diet has always fluctuated but, for me, being shown how to eat well and reduce carbs to lose body fat is something I really do think helped me to get trim.”

Ryan advised anyone wishing to undertake a similar transformation to 'set a goal' and 'put as much pressure on yourself as possible'.

Ryan Thomas trains (Ultimate Performance Fitness )


“Another tip is, if you can train in the morning, the rest of the day is yours,” Ryan continued. “After training, you really do feel mentally set and good to go.

The father-of-one has a daughter with Tina O’Brien, his former Corrie partner on and off the screen. Ryan trains, but there have been occasions in the past when he has given the gym a miss.

“I enjoy it, but have found times where I’ve really let myself go, which makes it harder to get to where you want, physically.”

Ryan Thomas training (Ultimate Performance Fitness )


Ryan wanted to get in shape to prepare for new roles as he embraces life after Coronation Street. He has already filmed his exit, which is due to air soon.

Adam Thomas (Ultimate Performance Fitness )

Adam Thomas (Ultimate Performance Fitness )

New dad Adam, who plays Adam Barton in Emmerdale, wanted to get back to fitness. He started off weighing 13st 7lb with 30.1 per cent body fat and finished weighing 12st 6lb with 16 per cent body fat.

Adam’s twin Scott, 27, wanted to build up his strength after breaking his leg in September. his starting weight was 12st 7lb with 22.8 per cent body fat. He ended at 11st 9lb with 10.7 per cent body fat.

Scott Thomas (Ultimate Performance Fitness )



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