Brooke Vincent: I partied with original Sophie Webster

Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent has revealed that she met the actress who played her character Sophie Webster before her while on a night out.

The 21-year-old took over the role of Sophie from child actress Emma Woodward nine years ago, when the character was 10.

However she elaborated on their unexpected meeting some years later.

"I bumped into her in a club once!" Brooke explained. "She was like 'are you Sophie Webster? I was the old Sophie!' She looks so different not, I didn't recognise her at all. We had a drink and a laugh."

Brooke added that she particularly loved the fact that while Sophie was gay, her sexuality was not treated as a novelty.

"You see it in other soaps where a character's a lesbian for two weeks," she said.

"I love the fact that she's such a normal character yet she's a lesbian, and that's what I'm most proud of. They've not put a sterotypical view on her, I love that."

And she also revealed she would love to see Helen Flanagan - who played her screen sister Rosie - make a Corrie comeback.

"She was very good at being Rosie Webster," Brooke admitted. "She's a great character. A few years ago the Websters were a solid family unit. Corrie misses that."