Coronation Street’s Paula: ‘Kylie can’t forgive David's biggest betrayal’

Paula Lane tells Soaplife that it’s over for Kylie and David when she finds out he tried to kill his brother Nick in Coronation Street…

It’s been a rough time for new mum Kylie what with the sleepless nights, the pressure of Nick being at death’s door and the constant niggle that baby Lily might be his. But all this fades into insignificance when she stumbles across David’s DNA test results (the test Nick ordered him to have done) and realises he has known for months that Nick could be Lily’s dad…

What does Kylie think when she finds the DNA test results?

“She really panics. She tells Nick about the DNA letter and he pretends to be alarmed and tries to assure Kylie that David knows nothing about their one-night stand. Kylie’s not convinced.”

And she knows Tina knows something…

“Kylie’s seen Tina and David speaking and texting and suspects they’re having an affair. David assures her they’re not, but Kylie is still convinced Tina’s keeping something from her so she begs Tina to tell her what it is…”


“All Tina will say is that Kylie needs to speak to Nick. Suddenly Kylie realises that David knows she slept with Nick. She just feels numb.”

But she goes to see Nick, not David…

“Kylie confronts Nick and he’s forced to admit David found out about their one-night stand months ago and it was David who orchestrated the vendetta against him. Kylie realises with shock that David tried to kill Nick.”


How does she feel?

“The lowest she’s ever felt. This is the biggest betrayal, it’s too dark for her and she can’t comprehend that someone she shares her bed with could do this.”

Why does Kylie choose Lily’s christening for the showdown?

“I guess she just thinks it’s the moment when all cards can be on the table. There have been way too many secrets and this is a chance for everyone to just spill. More than anything she wants to know why David was so evil.”

Is she scared for the future?

"She’s scared she didn’t see what David was doing and she’s gutted that the man she loves has done this. She also knows she sort of pushed him to it by sleeping with Nick, but this is way darker than anything she ever imagined David would do. Now her biggest fear is the Platts will push her out.”

Do they?

“No. It’s David who’s kicked out. The family rally round her because she has the children. She gets off quite lightly and David’s left with nothing.”

Is this the end for David and Kylie?

“She still loves him, but she can’t bring herself to forgive him at this point. And she can’t imagine she ever will…”