Coronation St's Melanie Hill: ‘Roy will always love Hayley!'

As Coronation Street's new couple gets closer, Melanie Hill tells Soaplife how Roy and Cathy's first proper date nearly ends in disaster...

Taking Roy to Blackpool wasn't the best idea Cathy's ever had – although she didn't know it was Roy and Hayley's special place. Roy does a runner, leaving a bemused Cathy on her own. But then the two reunite, on a bus of all places, and there's a bit of a kiss! "We already know Cathy's fallen for Roy, but the fact they kiss in public on the back of the bus is a bit of a shock to both of them," says Melanie. "Then Roy realises he has actually strong feelings for Cathy…"

And he asks her out to dinner. How does Cathy feel?

"She's a bit scared. They've spent lots of time chatting together in the café and at the allotment. But it's when Roy [David Neilson] actually says it's a date that it puts her into a bit of a panic, and she goes a bit OTT on the dressing up!"

What happens on the date?

"They arrange to meet at the bistro and Cathy plans to arrive early, then she gets waylaid by having to do a favour for Sharif [Marc Anwar]. There's a massive disaster with paint and her lovely outfit is ruined. She nearly doesn't make the date and arrives in a right flap!"

Does Roy think she's maybe had second thoughts?

"Yes. He's worrying about whether she'll actually turn up. I think they both realise they're not the type of people to have dinner at the bistro. It puts on added pressure and they prefer just being in the café, where it's relaxed – so that's what they do."

So now they’re a proper item…

"Yes, and Cathy says she should move out as it doesn't seem proper that she lives there now she's Roy's lady friend. They make a really good couple. It's hard to find somebody at that time of life who you can trust and bond with, especially when you've lost your soulmate."

What about Roy's feelings for Hayley?

"Cathy knows he'll always love Hayley and she'll always be in his thoughts. Cathy knows Hayley will keep cropping up, but she feels they'll just work through it."

Do either of them say the 'L' word?

"Not yet, but maybe one day in the future, they will… They both know they want to spend time with each other. Roy doesn't even like people touching him, so it's a massive thing for him to share a kiss with Cathy."

Coronation Street, ITV