Corrie's caped crusader leaps into action!

With all that Fiz (Jenny McAlpine) has been going through with young daughter Hope and the financial worries her husband, Tyrone (Alan Halsall), is being increasingly burdened with, the young mum needs to muster up all the superpower she can in Coronation Street right now.

In fact, she looks like she's doing just that with her Batman get-up this Halloween.

Whatever happens, we're sure caped crusader Fiz can keep it together for her family. But is she about to get caught up in another drama when the super mum visits Roy's Rolls? Holy Eccles cakes!

After youngsters Hope and Ruby tell mum Fiz and dad Tyrone to also dress up for their Halloween celebration, Fiz is only too happy to oblige after a bit of persuasion. Will Tyrone be her Boy Wonder? 


As Fiz ventures out in her superhero gear, it soon appears there's a mystery to solve. POW!


A panic-stricken woman suddenly arrives, who turns out to be Cathy's sister, Nessa. Holy ravioli!


Nessa's son – and Cathy's nephew – Alex has gone missing and she's trying to find him. A local search begins pronto, but will he be found?

Watch the drama on Coronation Street on ITV from Monday, October 26.