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Ex Coronation Street star Kevin Kennedy offers help to Michael Le Vell

Former Coronation Street star Kevin Kennedy has said he will be a friend for Michael Le Vell and help him beat his drinking problem, if he wants to.

The 52-year-old actor, who is best known for playing Curly Watts on Coronation Street, has not touched alcohol for 15 years and is launching a counselling service, Discover Recovery, after turning his life around.

He has already helped ex-Coronation Street co-star Denise Welch, along with other stars, after becoming addicted to alcohol during his days on the show.

"He has been through hell and it should never have reached the situation it did. Like everyone else I read the comments about his drinking," he told the Daily Mirror.

"It's not for me to say if Michael needs to go and get help. His recovery, should he want one, is up to him.

He added: "Lots of people have asked me privately as it is is well known I have had problems. I am very happy to point them in the right direction."

Michael, who was cleared of child abuse charges, admitted he was an alcoholic during the trial.

Kevin, who is starring in Queen musical We Will Rock You in London's West End, revealed his new book, The Street To Recovery, is a 'mea culpa' for his children - nine-year-old Katie-May, six-year-old Grace and Ryan, 23.

"I wanted to write it so my kids could read it. I tell my kids drink is there to be enjoyed but in moderation. I tell them that drink has a nasty habit of turning on people. And it turned on Dad, which is why I can't drink now," he said.