‘Ken really hurts pregnant Sinead,’ reveals Corrie’s Katie McGlynn

Coronation Street, Sinead Tinker
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When Ken Barlow finds out Sinead Tinker is pregnant he turns really nasty, Corrie’s Katie McGlynn tells Soaplife

Now that the shock of being pregnant has worn off, Sinead Tinker is looking forward to becoming a mum and setting up home with Daniel Barlow… Then his dad Ken butts in. “He invites the Barlow clan to the Bistro for dinner, where he reveals they’re celebrating Daniel getting a place at Oxford!” Katie McGlynn tells Soaplife. “Sinead’s shocked and upset to hear this and runs out of the restaurant. She believed Daniel had turned Oxford down for her and the baby.”

So what is Daniel doing? “After Sinead leaves the Bistro, Daniel [Rob Mallard] tells Ken he’s got it all wrong and rushes off to be with her. Back at the flat, he tells her he has no intention of going.”

What happens next? “Sinead is summonsed to the Barlows’ home. Ken [William Roache] pleads with her to call off her relationship with Daniel so that Daniel will take up his place at Oxford. That’s when Sinead tells Ken she’s pregnant.”

How does Ken reaction? “Very, very harshly. Ken is acting like Sinead has got her claws into Daniel when really she's been thrown into this situation, too, and she is trying to make the best of it. She’s really hurt because obviously she had no idea this pregnancy was going to happen. What makes Sinead feel even worse is that Ken looks down on her. He has all these big ideas for Daniel - things he wants Daniel to do because he didn’t get the chance to do them. Ken is really mean and says that Sinead is just a factory girl - that really gets to her.”

Then he badmouths his late wife Deirdre! “Ken says that Sinead is to Daniel what Deirdre was to Ken. He means it like he doesn’t want her to get in the way of Daniel’s big life beyond the Street. Ken implies that’s what happened with him and Deirdre. It’s very mean.”

So what happens when Sinead later tells Daniel she’s had a miscarriage? “Daniel is devastated and Sinead is in tears. It’s still a new relationship for them but they have been through so much already when they still should have been in the honeymoon period of a relationship.”

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