'Zeedan turns stalker!’: Qasim Akhtar talks about his shock leaving storyline

Coronation Street Zeedan Nazir

Coronation Street star Qasim Akhtar has revealed that he’s set to play out his last scenes as Zeedan Nazir after four years on the cobbles.

Zeedan Nazir makes one last attempt to win back wife Rana Nazir, Coronation Street actor Qasim Akhtar has told Soaplife.

What’s the story?

Love really is blind so far as Zeedan is concerned. Rana’s with Kate Connor but because she’s still caring towards Zeedan, he’s convinced he can win her back.

“In his heart, he definitely feels that there’s a chance of them being a proper couple again and he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve this,” Qasim Akhtar revealed.

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Qasim Akhtar’s interview with Soaplife about Zeedan...

Soaplife: Is Zeedan’s idea of living happily ever after with Rana unrealistic?

Qasim Akhtar: “It definitely is if they stay in Weatherfield. He has this dream of them moving away, starting a new life and having a family. He so wants a ‘happy ever after’ because of what life has thrown at him – losing both of his parents and then, in a different way, losing his wife. Zeedan can’t handle it.”

S: Is Zeedan encouraged when Rana offers to help out at Speed Daal?

QA: “He tells himself it’s a sign – even if, deep down, he knows it’s not. His grandma tells him he needs to move on but he finds this very hypocritical when she is technically still married to Sharif. Yasmeen takes this on-board and decides to get a divorce.”

S: What happens when a reporter comes to Speed Daal to interview Zeedan and Rana about the business?

QA: “Zeedan makes out they’re a loving couple. This makes Rana really uncomfortable and she almost tells the reporter that Zeedan’s faking but she manages to hold it in. She walks out, leaving Zeedan feeling very awkward.”

S: Is this what pushes Zeedan to try and prove something’s going on between Sophie and Kate?

QA: “Yes… Zeedan sees Sophie Webster comforting Kate and thinks this could be the solution to making Rana leave Kate and return to him. He starts taking pictures of them but it backfires because Rana sees him.”

S: We know you’re leaving the street – why did you decide to go?

QA: “I said I’d do three years and I’ve done four. I’ve always been really ambitious and I still have that fire in my belly where I want to do other projects. I’ll miss everyone so much, though.”

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